Zodiac Signs in Telugu, Explore the జన్మరాశులు- అనుకూలత

All 12 Zodiac Signs in Telugu and English

Are you looking for Zodiac Signs in Telugu? Telugu Zodiac signs are also known as Telugu Rasulu and people look up their names as well as the Rashi to which they belong. Telugu rasulu with nakshatralu, Telugu rasulu with months, Telugu rasulu in English name, Telugu rasulu with symbols, and so on are some more comparable search terms for Telugu Zodiac names. Astrology is a broad topic. The fundamentals of astrology, on the other hand, revolve around the twelve zodiac signs to which humans belong. Though many civilizations have distinct ways of studying astrology, the core zodiacs remain twelve, which is a comprehensive system.

So, whether you want to learn the Telugu name of a certain Rashi or all twelve names of Zodiac signs in Telugu, this list would be useful. Here is a list of the twelve Telugu zodiac signs and their English names. It predicts a person’s future. It is a significant and influential planet in astrology, influencing the life of a person born in a certain location or related with a location by birth. Astrology divides the cosmos into 12 divisions, each with its own name. Individual sun signs are determined by the 12 components of the sun that are visible at the moment of their birth. Any of these would be interesting Zodiac Signs in Telugu. These Zodiac Signs in Telugu names will be interesting! Pickthenames.com will help you in exploring the Zodiac Signs in Telugu and hindi here.

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Zodiac Signs in Telugu:

Telugu Names of Zodiac Signs Names of Zodiac Zodiac Sings
మేషము Aries ♈︎
వృషభము Taurus ♉︎
మిథునము Gemini ♊︎
కర్కాటకము Cancer ♋︎
సింహము Leo ♌︎
కన్యా Virgo ♍︎
తుల Libra ♎︎
వృశ్చికము Scorpio ♏︎
ధనస్సు Saggitarius ♐︎
మకరము Capricorn ♑︎
కుంభము Aquarius ♒︎
మీనము Pisces ♓︎