Names of Tools in Hindi and English With Pictures, Explore the Tools Names

Are you looking for Names of Tools in Hindi and English With Pictures? The role of each piece of equipment differs, and the proper manner to use it is typically known to a knowledgeable individual. When an inexperienced individual utilises a tool, he may endanger himself or others. As a result, we’ve included the names of the majority of common tool names in the list below. Look at the list given below and explore what a tool is and the names of various instruments in English and Hindi from the list given below.

Tools have altered and impacted the world we live in, and understanding about them helps children develop crucial life skills. Here is a list of Tool Names in English and in Hindi. There are many tools and equipment that may be utilised for various jobs and by professionals in various industries. We’ve compiled a list of some of them. will help you to explore the list of names of tools in hindi and english with pictures.

Names of Tools in Hindi and English With Pictures:

English Image Hindi
Wrench पाना
Tweezers चिमटी
Pliers प्‍लास
Screwdriver पेंचकस
Chisel छेनी
Sickle दरांती/हँसिया
Spade कुदाल/फावड़ा
Rudder पतवार
Screw पेंच
Jack plane रंदा
Stock and dies बादिया
Needle-point बिरंजी
Bellows भाषी
Mallet लकड़ी का हथौड़ा
File रेती
Dibble रंभा
Anchor लंगर
Plumbine शाहुल
Hammer हथौड़ा
Hand vice हाथबांक
Awl सूआ
Saw आरा
Axe कुल्हाड़ी
Gauge मापक यंत्र
Razor उस्तरा
Plough हल
Plough shaft हल का डंडा
Scissors कैंची
Dagger कटार/खंजर

The names of tools are useful in all aspects of life. Tools are an excellent way to simplify and enhance the efficiency of the work process. It is also used by hand to accomplish a certain job, such as manufacturing or repairing something. They are used in the manufacturing process to assist the user in completing the task quickly and efficiently. Every industry, profession, and activity requires the use of tools. Tools are physical items that are used to repair damaged automobiles or other items. It’s a good idea to learn the tool list in English. People will benefit from understanding the tool names from the above list.