Colour Names in Tamil, Explore the Colour Names with Pictures

Are You looking for the Colour names in tamil? The Earth is immersed in hundreds of colors. How many different colours do you know? You may know the English names for the colours, as well do you know the tamil names? Do you understand how to correctly spell the colours? Here’s a list of colour to help you explore some of the most prevalent ones.

If you like these colours, you’ll like learning about many more in English and Tamil. There are a variety of enjoyable ones to discover. Colors are commonly given names based on associations they inspire. have compiled one of the most comprehensive lists to assist you in exploring colour names in tamil.

Colour Names in Tamil With Pictures:


Tamil Colour Image
Black கருப்பு
Grey சாம்பல் Grey Color
Orange செம்மஞ்சள் Orange-Color
Purple ஊதா Purple-Color
Pink இளம் சிவப்பு Pink-Color
Yellow மஞ்சள் Yellow-Color
Blue நீலம் Blue-Color
Red சிவப்பு Red-Colour
Green பச்சை Green-Color
White வெள்ளை White-Colour
Brown பழுப்பு Brown-Color

Colors, formerly written colours, is a quality of an item that may be observed or described in terms of hue, brightness, and saturation. Color is especially related in physics with electromagnetic radiation with varied wavelengths and strengths that can be seen with the naked eye. Color’s vision reflects light from the item to the retina of the eyes. The wavelength of light reflected from the item identifies the colour, thus the colour bounces to our eyes. When light shines on an object, some colours bounce off it and travel with the wavelength. We are sure you have explored the above listed color names, Hope you have Enjoyed.