Popular Mascot Names, Explore the Unique Mascot Names

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Popular Mascot Names:

Brand Name Mascot Name
Amul Amul Girl
Air India Maharajah Air India
Indian Railways Bholu
Vodafone Vodafone Zoozoo
Hutch Hutch Pug
Chocos Chocos bear
Boomer Bubble Gum Boomer Man
Common Wealth Games Common Wealth Games Shera
Sunfeast Sunny Sunfeast
Pillsbury Pillsbury Doughboy
Mickey Mouse The Walt Disney Company
The Laughing Cow The Laughing Cow
Michelin Man Michelin
Jolly Green Giant B&G Foods
Rich Uncle Pennybags Monopoly
Tony the Tiger Kellog’s Frosted Flakes
Kool-Aid Man Kool-Aid
Coco the Monkey Coco Pops
Julio Pringles Pringles
Mario Nintendo
Washing Powder Nirma Nirma Girl
ICICI Prudential Bank Chintamani
ICC World Cup 2010 Stumpy
7 UP Fido Dido
Duracell Battery Duracell Bunny
Asian Paints Gattu