Navratri 9 Devi Names, Explore the Navratri Devi Names

Are you looking for Navratri 9 Devi Names? The name Navratri is a combination of two words “Nava,” which means “nine,” and “Ratri,” which means “nights,” by combining it, represents nine days of joyful celebrations. This nine-day celebration celebrates the victory of good over evil, restores dharma over adharma, cleanses negativities, and cultivates positivity and purity.

During the Navaratri festival, the feminine cosmic goddess Goddess Durga is worshipped in nine different forms. Durga’s various forms represent power, strength, courage, knowledge, beauty, elegance, and auspiciousness. Navratri is one of India’s most anticipated and extensively celebrated holidays. Although Navratri occurs four times a year, Sharada Navratri in October is celebrated with zeal and dedication. will help you explore the Navratri 9 Devi Names.

Navratri 9 Devi Names:

  • Goddess Shailputri
  • Goddess Brahmacharini
  • Goddess Chandraghanta
  • Goddess Kushmanda
  • Goddess Skandmata
  • Goddess Katyayani
  • Goddess Kaalratri
  • Goddess Mahagauri
  • Goddess Siddhidatri