Chiss Names, Pick Starwar Chiss Names with Meaning

About Chiss

Visual Characteristics

  • Skin Color: Blue or Silver
  • Hair Color: Black, Blue or Silver
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Distinctions: Glowing red eyes, above-average night vision

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4’11”
  • Weight: 110 lb

Sociocultural Characteristics

  • Home World: Csilla
  • Language: Cheunh

The Chiss are a species of blue-skinned, black-haired near humans with glowing red eyes in the Star Wars universe. A Chiss name has 3 parts, each separated by an apostrophe. The first part is their family name, the second part is their personal name, and the third part is their occupation.

This article gives the Chiss Names/ Starwar Chiss Names. Finding Chiss Female Names/ Chiss Male Names are not an easy job. Many numbers of peoples wasted their time to finding Star War Chiss Names. Don’t worry about that, gives the list of Chiss Family Names/ Chiss Occupation Names

Lets Start the choosing of Chiss Names/ Star War Chiss Names which is suits for your character by using this Chiss Names Article…

Star War Chiss Names with Meaning

  • The below list includes all the main Chiss characters from the Csilla universe with the meanings of their core name
Name Meaning
Mitth’ali’astov (core name thalias) to blossom or to flourish
Kung’urama’nuruodo (known as nuru kungura ) Light
Kthira’shi’ktarloo (ashik) adorer or suitor
Jer’jo cam’co (jocam) Established by God
Fehlaaur’aitel’loro (known as fehlaaur) unpredictable
Chaf’orm’bintrano (formbi) an old settlement
Mitth’raw’nuruodo (thrawn) twist or distorted
Prard’ras’kleoni (drask) marsh
Mitth’ras’safis (thrass) dresher of grain
Mitth’urf’ianico (thurfian) thunder an god of battle
Sever’ance tan (rance) Shield
Sev’eere’nuruodo (veeren) Brave

Unique Chiss names with Meaning

  • The Chiss family name convention is unique, so read on to know all about the meanings of these rare core names.
Name Meaning
Warn’aranj’ohlugaz (naranjoh) someone who lived by the orange grove
Tlimm’emoun’aeze (memouna) Safe and trustworthy
Shev’elda’arelith (Velda) power’ or ruler
Nagh’ebate’rawerki (hebater) free-spirited
Maz’ahid’erinth (Zahide) diamond
Kres’ave’kleon (savek) servant of God
Kan’ikit’isan (Nikitis) victory
Duza’edak’eagae (zaedake) Duza’edak’eagae (zaedake)

Neutral Chiss Names with Meaning

  • Here we have listed Neutral Chiss Names with Meaning
Name Meaning
Anath’ar’iameps (Tharia) night or angel of song
Chal’azru’sarthi (lazrus) God has helped
Duwa’hid’ethima (wahide) the absolute one
Feith’adeu’slakan (thadeus) courageous heart
Jarlat’hos’colien (Thosco) rough
Karr’riti’grimersi (ritig) triumphant or  from the heart
Kit’alo’nuruodo (Talon) bird claw
Laht’al’ikran (Tali) dew
Leid’olor’enevah (dolore) sorrow or pain
Nligh’liam’mirko (Ghiliamm) gift of god
Orphim’imko’saarothi (mimikos) charming child
Payg’emi’nido (gemini) the twins
Sal’exi’nuruodo (lexin) defending men
Sev’risk’aklaio (Vriska) scorpion
Sorr’emow’acer (remowa) to depart
Tes’atomi’eorge (satomie) Hometown beauty

Most Popular Chiss Names

  • Wirr’iseaku’zaustiru
  • Trirm’ebaes’klinarg
  • Gom’neke’caorama
  • Cowo’ecith’suamush
  • Krerde’zit’huoskoss
  • Nlarc’ohauw’assesha
  • Mozz’liame’uagas
  • Clatto’iluno’maome
  • Vace’iruare’hirceno
  • Corto’dotha’hirrec
  • Blaqo’izaow’isders
  • Mrerk’nuke’daenis
  • Mozz’liame’uagas
  • Clatto’iluno’maome
  • Vace’iruare’hirceno
  • Corto’dotha’hirrec
  • Blaqo’izaow’isders
  • Mrerk’nuke’daenis
  • Rrosd’epok’gussag
  • Jas’sael’somegh
  • Zem’duow’rrogu
  • Kerc’ohash’clesdi
  • Rotha’iduth’lera
  • Dlettha’esoshi’sowis