Mithun Rashi Boy Names, Pick Gemini Boy Baby Names

Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between about May 21 to June 21. The natives are sharp, smart and speedy. They think more than feeling or doing things. They are versatile, youthful, curious, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. They are clever, curious and twined personalities.

Nowadays many parents want to suits Zodiac Names for their child and gives the lots of preference to Rashi Names. Perfect names are mostly chosen by Astrologer. If you don’t have any astrologer at the time of names finding then you have to go internet to pick best names. is the perfect place to choose Rashi Names especially Mithun Rashi Boy Names. Mithun Rashi Baby Names beginning with the letter K, Chh and Gh with their meanings

Boy Baby Names Meaning
Kushil Lord Shiva Uncourteous
Kushik Grandfather of Rishi Vishwamitra
Kushant Little Happy
Kushank One Piece of Grass
Kurmi Worms
Kritin Intelligent Skilled Wise Clever
Krishank Lord Krishna
Kohid A Weapon
Kiyash Lord Shri Krishna
Kirtesh One who Owns Praising
Kineesh To Succeed
Khosal Very Happy
Kapilesh Lord Hanuman
Kalaparan Strong Growing Up
Coshel Perfect in Any Task
Chivesh Gods Gift Good Gift
Chiru Little
Chinkal Lord Shiva
Chetu Power of Intellect
Chetandeep Lamp of Consciousness
Chavrik Intelligent
Charvk Intelligent
Chandru Moon
Chandratej Indratej
Chakesh Intelligent
Kesarisuta Son of Kesari
Kartikaya Son of Lord Shiva
Kaunteya Son of Kunti
Kesarisut Son of Kesari
Kesarinandan Son of Kesari
Kundhasaai One of the kauravas
Krishapingaksha Yellowish brown eyed
Kharadhwamsine Slayer of demon khara
Kailashadhipati Lord of mount Kailash
Kaanchanadhwaja One of the kauravas
Kartikey Brother of Lord Ganesh
Kalawati Artistic or Goddess Parvati
Krishanth Supreme Lord Krishna
Kamaroopin Changing form at will
Kavishree Goddess Lakshmi Poetess
Kartaar Master of all creation
Kanaiyya Lord Krishna The adolescent
Kardama Name of a sage
Keyurin With An armlet
Kamalasanan The Lord Brahma
Karnajeet Conqueror of Karna
Kevalin Seeker of the absolute
Kevin Raj Comely Loved one
Kodiswaran Richest Lord Shiva
Kameswar Cupid Lord of Love
Kradhana One of the kauravas
Kundhabhedy One of the kauravas
Kabalikrut Swallower of the Sun
Kavachy One of the kauravas
Kapeeshwara Lord of monkeys
Kundhaasy One of the kauravas
Kundhaadhara One of the kauravas
Kamaroopine Altering form at will
Kalanemi Pramathana slayer of Kalanemi
Kundalin One who wears earrings
Khagendra Lord of the birds
Krishaan Lord Krishna Black Darkskinned
Karmendra God of action
Karpakaraj Lord of Karuppasamy
Kripasagar Ocean of mercy
Kapil Dev Master of Kapil
Karthikesan Good looking individuals
Kshamakaram The place of forgiveness
Kaushlender As fast as Kaushal
Kanishkan Lord Brahma Gold thing
Kiranmai Full of light
Katyayan Name of a grammarian
Kovendhan The king of kings
Kiratidev Lord of light
Kirtivallabh Aspirant of fame
Kumarpal Raja ka Palak
Kiritmani Jewel in the crown
Karmjit Winner over obstacles
Kumaresh Lord of youth
Kirtibhushan One adorned with fame
Kusumit A flower blooming
Kuberchand God of wealth
Kashiprasad Blessed by Lord Shiva
Karunamay Full of light
Kubernath God of wealth
Kularanjan Star of family
Kulbhushan Ornament of family
Kapeeshwar Lord of monkeys
Kaliyugavaradhan Protector in kaliyug
Krithikesh Name of Lord Kartikeya
Kanagarajan Origin of everything
Kamsantak Slayer of kamsa
Kanchanabha Golden hued body
Kameshwar Cupid Lord of Love
Kalanabha Controller of time
Kaliranjan Devotee of Goddess Kali
Kamadev God of Love
Kalicharan Devotee of Goddess Kali
Kshapan Disciplined Religious Fasting
Kanjak Water and earth born
Kachap Cloud drinker Leaf
Kunjit Hidden in the forest
Kratu Name of a sage
Kram Fate Order Method Custom
Krishak A sage Farmer
Kaamaj Born of Love
Kokil A cuckoo bird
Kanai Lord Krishna Contentment
Kuchela Friend of Lord Krishna
Kaanha Young Lord Krishna
Kundhy One of the kauravas
Keshin Lion Long haired
Knish Thin Divine sage
Kumaraswami Lord Murugan Bachelor God
Krishnaiah Name of a God
Kala Priya Lover of art
Kimraj Kings city meadow
Kritartha Result of work
Kartar Master of all creation
Kisan Lord Krishna Black Darkskinned
Karsan One who ploughs
Kiranmay Full of light
Krishdeep Light of Lord Krishna
Karunesh Lord of mercy
Kusumesh Lord of flowers
Kusagra A king Intelligent
Khushaansh Khushi ka Ansh
Kisna Lord Krishna Black Darkskinned
Karnesh Lord of mercy
Kavinesh Lord of poet
Kushagra A king Intelligent
Kanayaha Lord Krishna The adolescent
Kanahiya Lord Krishna The adolescent
Kaanishik An ancient king
Khemraj Happy kingdom Lord Shiva
Krishnam Idol of Lord Krishna
Kamlesh God of lotus
Krti Lord of music
Kshem Happiness Safety Peace Salvation
Kanch To shine Brilliant Glass
Khanaam Princess Noble woman
Kruthn Own of books
Krishant Supreme Lord Krishna
Kahan World Lord Krishna Universe
Kirthik Lord Murugan Nakshatra
Khian King of terror
Kamalesh Lord of Kamala
Kairabh Born from lotus
Khanjan Dimple of cheeks
Ghanaanand Happy like clouds
Ghananand Happy like cloud
Charudehi Son of Lord Sun
Chithrakundhala One of the kauravas
Chithraayudha One of the kauravas
Chithrakundala One of the kauravas
Chinmayananda Blissful Supreme consciousness
Charuvardhana One who enhances beauty
Chandranshu Ray of Moon
Chakrik One with a discus
Chaturaanan With four faces
Chidaatma Supreme spirit Big soul
Chandradev Moon God A king
Chithrabaana One of the kauravas
Chithraaksha One of the kauravas
Chithravarma One of the kauravas
Chithraamga One of the kauravas
Chaaruchithra One of the kauravas
Charanraj King of the feet
Chandrapal Master of the Moon
Chaturanan With four faces
Chintamani Philosophers stone A jewel
Charuvrat Of good character
Chitrabahu With beautiful hands
Chitrabhanu Crown flower plant Fire
Chidatma Supreme spirit Big soul
Chittaswarup The supreme spirit
Chitrasen A king of gandharvas
Charusheel Of good character
Charudutta Born with beauty
Charuvindha Striving for beauty
Charuhas With beautiful smile
Chidambaram Home of Lord Shiva
Chankya Kautilya Great scholar Bright
Charudatta Born with beauty
Charukesh With beautiful hairs
Chandratha Nectar of the Moon
Chandavarman An old king
Chandidas Name of a saint
Chandragupt Name of ancient king
Chandravadan Moon like face
Charan Raj King of the feet
Chandrakant Beloved by the Moon
Chakravartee A sovereign king
Chandrabha Luster of Moon light
Chandraditya Name of a king
Chandramohan Attractive like the Moon
Charudatt Born with beauty
Chandrpeed Name of Lord Shiva
Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakrapani Name of Lord Vishnu
Chandrachur Lord Shiva The Moon
Chikit Experienced Wise Liberal
Chinthan Thought Meditation Contemplation Mind
Charun One with beautiful eyes
Chetas Mind Perception Intelligence Brilliance
Chidhatma Supreme spirit Big soul
Chitral Of variegated color
Chirtrang With multicolored body
Chelan Deep water Consciousness
Chitresh Moon Wonderful Lord
Chyavan Name of a saint
Chandresh Lord of the Moon
Chak Brilliant Happy Sated
Cholan A south Indian dynasty
Cheliyan Rich Resourceful Prosperous
Chandak Brillinat The moon
Chintan Thought Meditation Contemplation Mind
Chandan Sandalwood Auspicious Perfumed
Kumarabrahmacharin Youthful bachelor
Kumarabrahmacharine Youthful bachelor
Kundrenindhon Lord Murugan
Karunashankar Merciful
Karunya Prakash Merciful