Kanya Rashi Boy Names, Pick Boy Baby Names

This amount is the sixth amount of cycles. Indicates the south direction. The sign of this zodiac is a girl with a flower branch in her hand. It extends from 150 degrees to 180 degrees of the zodiac. The lord of this zodiac is Mercury , the lords of the three Dreshkanas of this zodiac are Mercury , Saturn and Venus . Under this comes the second, third and fourth phases of Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra, the first two phases of Chitra and the four phases of Hasta Nakshatra.

There many numbers of Hindu Peoples believes Rashi & Nakhstra and they want to suits Rashi released names for their kids. If you are looking for Kanya Rashi Boys Names then pick the names.com is the best place. Here we have listed awesome collection of Kanya Rasi Boy Names/ Virgo Boy Names

Kanya Rashi Names for Boys

Names Meaning
Pradhyumna Extremely mighty
Pratyakash In front
Parwinder God of the gods
Preash Loved by God
Pratishwar Sakshat Ishwar
Paratpara Greatest of the greats
Premendra Lover
Parashar An ancient name
Parvan Acceptable Full Moon
Prathish Hope Expectation Preeminence
Prajakt God of creation
Phaninath Lord of serpents
Phanishwar King of serpents
Parvatipreet Goddess parvatis inspiration
Paramvardaan Parmeshwar ka Vardaan
Prashanna Cheerful Pleased Happy Pleasant
Prabindh The world ie prabanjam
Predesh Lord of Love
Priyanvad Sweet talking person
Paravasu Name of a sage
Phaneendra King of the Gods
Preetidutt Gifted with Love
Pran Nath Lord of life Husband
Phanindra King of the Gods
Parvateshwar God of mountains Himalaya
Pushp Mitra An ancient ruler
Pushpahas Name from Vishnusahstranaam
Prajeeth Victorious Conquering Defeating
Prathyush Dawn The Sun
Parbrahm The supreme spirit
Pragyan Greater knowledge Wisdom
Pushpendu Lord of flowers
Premanand Joy of Love
Peturam Sweet name to called
Punyabrata Dedicated to the good
Prathit Manifested Confident Famous
Prithviraj King of the earth
Priyabrata Devoted to pleasing
Pavan Adithya Wind The Sun
Pushparaj King of flowers
Pushpender Lord of flower
Pann Gesh King of serpents
Palanichamy Name of a God
Pallavit To sprout To grow
Panchavaktra Five faced Lord Hanuman
Palashranjan Beautiful like a Palash
Palashkusum The flower of Palash
Padmakar Jewel Lord Vishnu
Padmakant Husband of lotus Sun
Padmapani Lord Brahma Lotushanded
Padmahasta Lotus handed Lord Krishna
Paarak Saving Liberating Pleasant
Pulaha Name of a sage
Paavak Purifying Fire Brilliant Pure
Panit Admired Surrounded Protected
Punan Clear Bright Pure
Praanshu High Tall Mighty
Panay Sprout Blossom Prince Youthful
Paraga Uplifter of the poor
Poshit Nourished Defended Loved
Pralesh Finishes bad things
Prady Luster To illuminate
Prahallada Bliss Son of hiranyakasipa
Prabal Coral Strong Powerful
Prateep King Shantanus father
Prerak Air screw Stimulator
Prabuddha Awakened Lord Buddha
Pinki Like a rose Pinkish
Praful Blooming Happy Expansive Playful
Prahalad Bliss Son of hiranyakasipa
Pradip Light Shine Lamp Brilliant
Patakin Holder of a banner
Prabhat Dawn Morning Brilliant
Pramat Horse Wise Prudent
Pramath Horse Wise Prudent
Pravan Bowed down Modest
Pushpraj King of flowers
Pransukh Joy of life
Purohit A brahmin priest
Pavalan Skilled in literature
Premal Full of Love
Prabodh Sound advice Awareness Consciousness
Pushpesh Lord of flowers
Prahlad Excess of Joy Happiness
Pitambar Lord Vishnu Yellow robed
Pradeep Light Shine Lamp Brilliant
Purujit Conqueror of city
Pramesh Master of accurate knowledge
Puneeth Pure or holy
Prabudha Awakened Lord Buddha
Prashanth Calm and composed Peace
Pirnav Start of something new
Prasanna Cheerful Pleased Happy Pleasant
Pradyut Light Lit Brilliant
Prashant Calm and composed Peace
Parmarth Highest truth Salvation
Pradnesh Lord of wisdom
Parvesh Lord of celebration
Pratheesh Hope Expectation Preeminence
Pranshul Name of Lord Shiva
Puneetinder Sacred Lord
Paramprem Supreme Love
Purangian Complete knowledge
Preetambir Brave beloved
Paramwant Highly supreme
Prabhadhaar Lords support
Parambodh Greatest gnostic
Paramtek Supreme support
Paramatam Supreme soul
Premjeev Loving being
Purantek Complete support
Paramdharam Superior religion
Pupinder Lords Love
Paramthakar Supreme Lord
Prabhbodh Divine knowledge
Paramyog Supreme union
Puranjeet Perfect victory
Partapi Majestic Courageous
Prabhjas Lords praises
Paramjodh Greatest warrior
Prabhjot Gods light
Paramhans Sadguru
Pardeep Good
Piaar Love Attachment
Pavith Love
Pritam Lover
Preetam Lover Lovable
Pankajeet Eagle Garuda
Prem Love
Privrata Satarupa’s son
Parineet Wedded, Married,
Parighosh Loud Sound,
Paridhana Touch Stone
Parees Touch Stone
Pankit A Line
Pamu Chief
Pakshin Winged, Bird,