Spiritual Cat Names, Pick Cat Names

Cats were sacred in Ancient Egypt, and are considered lucky household spirits in Japanese lore. During the 1600s, in Great Britain, it was tradition for visitors to kiss the family cat upon their arrival, to ensure a pleasant visit. To this day, in many cultures, to do ill to a cat can only bring bad luck, loss of love, or worse, death.

Once you’ve brought your kitten home, it’s time to choose a suitable name for your new companion. Many people like to take the time to get to know the personality traits of their kitten before selecting a name. But sometimes, as soon as you set eyes on your kitten, a name just sticks.

If you are finding Spiritual Cat Names the pickthenames.com is the perfect choice to choose cat names for spiritual/ spiritual cat names male/ spiritual cat names female. Most of the people has confusions while picking Names for their Cat or Kitten. Some people wants to suits unique names and other wants to pick modern names for their Cat.

Cat Names for Spiritual

  • Astral(F) (American origin) means “space”. It’s a good name for a kitty.
  • Anastasia(F) (Italian origin) means “one who will be reborn”.
  • Aura(F) (Greek origin) means “a luminous field that envelops all beings”.
  • Atropos(M) (Greek origin) means “fates”. Such unique black cat names are hard to find.
  • Banshee(F) (Irish origin) means “shrieking in the dead of night”.
  • Cherub(M/F) (Greek origin) means “an innocent being”. A perfect name for sweet cats.
  • Chimera (M) (Greek origin) means “body of a goat, head of a lion”.
  • Chakra (F) (Greek origin) means “spiritual, physical”, and emotional horizons.
  • Cruz(M) (Spanish origin) means “cross”.
  • Elijah (M) (Hebrew origin) means “the lord is my God”.
  • Kelpie (F) (Greek origin) means “drowning and floods”.
  • Neptune (M/F) (Roman origin) means “God of the sea”.
  • Psyche (M) (Greek origin) means “human soul, mind, or spirit”.
  • Pixie(F) (Greek origin) means “a prankster fairy”.
  • Phoenix(F) (Greek origin) means “ashes to live again”.
  • Revenant (M)(Greek origin) means “spirit after his death”.
  • Shade (M)(Greek origin) means “looming shadow”.
  • Shaman (M)(Greek origin) means “supernatural and the natural”.
  • Seraph (F) (Greek origin) means “closest to God”.
  • Seder (M)(Hebrew origin) means “order”.
  • Sibyl(F) (Greek origin) means “seer or prophet”.
  • Specter (M)(Greek origin) means “a horrifying ghost”.
  • Spook (M)(English origin) means “a spy or a prankster”
  • Sprite(F) (Greek origin) means “an elf”.
  • Sooth (M)(Greek origin) means “prophet”.
  • Seton (M)(Old English) means “sea settlement”.
  • Tazia(F) (Italian origin) means “One who will be reborn.”
  • Uri(F) (Hebrew origin) means “God is my light”.
  • Wraith (M)(Greek origin) means a sort of ghost.
  • Yoga (M)(Japanese origin) means “sun and sprout”.
  • Zion (M)(Hebrew origin) means “center of Jerusalem”.

Spiritual Cat Names Male

  • Avallach(Greek origin) means “the king of the mystical of Avalon”.
  • Azrael (Hebrew origin) means “angel of God”.
  • Krishna (Hindu origin) means “black, dark”. He is also the god of love and happiness.
  • Levi (Hebrew origin) means”joining”.
  • Orion(Greek origin) means “a great hunter”.
  • Occult (Greek origin) means “mystical”. Such witchy cat names are hardly common making them perfect for your baby.
  • Oracle (Greek origin) means “prophecy”.Such a cat name will make a perfect name for a mystical cat.
  • Shiva (Indian origin) means “destroyer”. He is also a Hindu god known for his anger.
  • Tobias (Hebrew origin) means “Goodness of Yahweh”.

Spiritual Cat Names Girls

  • Ariel (Hebrew origin) means “lion of God”.
  • Áine(Irish origin) means “the queen of fairies”. and goddess of summer”.
  • Aja (Greek origin) means “she of the hair”. In Yoruban mythology, she is the goddess of the forest.
  • Baba Yaga(Slavic origin) means “giant chicken legs”.
  • Cybele (Greek origin) means “nature goddess associated with lions and tigers”.
  • Durga (Indian origin) means “Hindu warrior goddess who rode into battle on a lion”. A mythology name.
  • Inara(Middle Eastern origin) means “a goddess who protected animals”.
  • Leda (Greek origin) means “a very beautiful woman”.
  • Kikimora (Russian origin) means “scarecrow”.
  • Maia (Greek origin) means ” “brave or confident.” In Roman mythology, she is the goddess of spring.
  • Mystery (English origin) means “unexplained”.
  • Nirvana (Indian origin) means “liberation”.
  • Penthesilea (Greek origin) means “queen of the Amazons”.
  • Sekhmet(Egyptian origin) means “cat goddess”.
  • Virtue (Old French origin) means “moral worth”.
  • Zaria(Slavic origin) means “goddess of beauty”.