Names That Mean Princess or Queen, Pick Baby names

Some Beautiful Baby Names that mean Princess or Queen

If you have a little princess on the way then why not think about baby names with a touch of royalty? Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most challenging, yet exciting duty to do as a parent. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or a quirky name or a Disney-inspired name, the whole experience will be overwhelming.

Every parent would want their little one to grow up with a flare of royalty, which is why many people would give their babies names that mean “princess” or “queen”. If your choice is to choose names that mean princess the is the best place to pick names that mean queen or princess

Names That Mean Queen Or Princess

  • Berenice– Greek origin, after the wife of King Ptolemy 1.
  • Diona – English origin, from wife of Zeus and Greek goddess and queen.
  • Dione – Greek origin, from the mother of Aphrodite.
  • Erica – Norse origin, this name comes from the name Eric, which means Eternal Ruler.
  • Juno – Latin origin, which means the Queen of the Wolves or Queen of the Heavens.
  • Malka –  Hebrew origin, means Queen.
  • Milcah – Hebrew origin, another version of the beautiful name Malka.
  • Mira – Latin origin, a name for a peaceful baby girl, as it means admirable, peace, and female ruler.
  • Proserpine – Roman origin, meaning Queen of the Underworld.
  • Rani – Latin origin, meaning she that is like a Queen.
  • Reggie – Latin origin, this baby name means Abundant Ruler.
  • Regina – Latin origin, which means Queen who Rules.
  • Victoria – Latin origin, meaning Goddess of Victory, the name of the British queen.

Names That Mean Princess Or Royalty

  • Amirah – Arabic origin, this beautiful queen baby name means ruler.
  • Ashanti – African origin, this regal name means undefeated, divine and peace.
  • Contessa – Italian origin, this name means countess, or royalty.
  • Federica – Italian origin, this is one of the prettiest girl names on our list, for a  Peaceful Ruler.
  • Fritzi – German origin, the perfect name for a peaceful queen or ruler.
  • Iolani – Hawaiian origin, this name means Hawk of Royalty.
  • Iphigenia – Greek origin, for baby girls who are of Royal Birth.
  • Kahina – Arabic origin, meaning soothsayer, for a powerful, calming queen.
  • Ketevan – Georgian origin, meaning Queen of the House.
  • Malika – Arabic origin, meaning Master of Queens.
  • Rainy – American origin, means queen, and abundant blessings.
  • Rana – Arabic and Norse origin, this is one of our favourite girl names that mean queen.
  • Reina – Spanish origin, after the Spanish queen.
  • Roderica – German origin, this means Renowned Ruler.
  • Saowanee – Thai origin, after the Queen of Thailand.
  • Semiramis – Assyrian origin, named after the Queen of Assyria.
  • Thailah – Thai origin, this name means queen.
  • Thema – African origin, which means queen.
  • Tiana – Russian origin, means Fairy Queen, made popular as Disney’s first African-American princess.

Names That Mean Princess

  • Ara -Hebrew origin, this regal unisex name means king.
  • Aubrey – French origin, this baby name means Ruler of the Elves.
  • Avery – French and English origin, this adorable name means Elf Ruler.
  • Armel – Welsh origin, from, the word for Bear Prince.
  • Daria – Greek, Latin and Persian origin, which means kingly.
  • Kinsey – English origin, a unisex name that means King’s Meadow.
  • Khari – West African origin, this adorable unisex name is one of the baby names that mean king.
  • Reagan – Irish origin, this is one of the cutest royal baby names, and means Little King.
  • Rian – Irish origin, this is one of our favourite names, and also means Little King.
  • Rey– Spanish origin, this is one of the sweetest unisex baby names, and means King.
  • Rex – Latin origin, this cute unisex name is quite unique for girls, and means King.
  • Rory – Scottish origin, this popular boys name is a cute girls option, and means Red King.
  • Ryan – Irish origin, this is another of the classic boys’ names becoming popular for girls, which means Little King.