Zodiac Signs in Hindi, Explore the Zodiac Signs

All Zodiac Signs Name in Hindi and English

Do you want explore the Zodiac Signs in Hindi? When you engage in astrology, whether it’s through reading your horoscope or researching your zodiac sign, you’re most likely learning about a sun sign. Astrology and zodiac signs are getting increasingly popular. Many people believe that zodiac signs have an impact on one’s personality and character. As a result, many believe that signs have a favorable or unfavorable influence on their life according on the daily, monthly, or seasonal movement of the planets and make decisions accordingly.

As a result, people begin their day by reading the daily horoscope in newspapers, magazines, or on the internet, and they base their decisions and daily plans on these remarks. Because many people are interested in astrology, you should study sign names and qualities. Pickthenames.com will help you in exploring the Zodiac Signs in Hindi and telugu

Zodiac Signs in Hindi:

राशी हिंदी Rashi Names in English संकेत रंग
मेष (Mesh) Aries मेढा सिन्दूरी
वृषभ (Vrushabh) Taurus बेल सफेद
मिथुन (Mithun) Gemini युवा दंपत्ति हरा
कर्क (Kark) Cancer कैकडा सफेद
सिंह (Sinh) Leo शेर लाल
कन्या (Kanya) Virgo कुमारी कन्या हरा
तुला (Tula) Libra तराजू सफेद
वृश्चिक (Vrushchik) Scorpius बिच्छु सिन्दूरी
धनु (Dhanu) Sagittarius धनुष, धर्नुधारी पीला
मकर (Makar) Capricornus मगरमच्छ नीला
कुंभ (Kumbha) Aquarius घड़ा, कलश नीला
मीन (Meen) Pisces मछली पीला