Telugu Boy Names Starting with S, Pick the Unique Telugu Boy names beginning with S

Popular Telugu Boy names beginning with S Collection

People with surnames that begin with the letter S are known for their diligence. They think clearly, thus the person in front of them is drawn to them. In every situation, they are dedicated to work meticulously. Choosing a good name for a kid has always been a difficult challenge for parents. It requires a great deal of thinking.

This popular list of Modern Telugu Boy names that start with the letter S can help you find the ideal name for your baby! This Telugu names list includes names for boys that are charming, modern, unique, and attractive. you will discover a suitable name from this list.

Telugu Boy Names Starting with S:

  • Shreyanshu- Bestowed of success
  • Shrutiprakasha- Bounded Bounded Breath; Melody Breath; Melody Capable Capable Causing Happiness
  • Saaharsh- Charming
  • Smitesh- Confidence, Strong, Lord Vishnu Confidence, Strong, Lord Vishnu
  • Srihith- Creative Inspired Person
  • Srinjoy- Daughter of Shiva
  • Sri Harish- Friend; Minister Friendliness Friendliness Friendly
  • Soubhagya- Gift of God Gift of God Gift of Lord Shiva
  • Shivohne- Gift of Ocean God
  • Sourindra- God Shiva God Rama
  • Sivaprakash- God Smile
  • Sridip- God is Gracious
  • Shivayya- God of Affection
  • Shivparsad- God of happiness
  • Shri- Jagadeesh Good Qualities; Virtuous Good luck
  • Somyajit- Goodness; Bright Goodness; Bright Guru Teacher Philosopher
  • Sohit- Happiness
  • Somdutta- Having Good Qualities; Virtuous High Intelligent
  • Sivagnana- Illuminator of the Vedas
  • Shrot- Joy Knowledge for Lord Shiva
  • Sindhura- Lighted Up Lion Listener
  • Shrithik- Lord Brahma; Truth; Consciousness Lord Ganesh
  • Shrikrishna- Lord Indra
  • Sachit- Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Black Darkskinned
  • Shriharsh- Lord Narshimha Lord Rama Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva
  • Shrinay- Lord Shiva
  • Srenik- Lord Shiva Ayya father
  • Shivakar- Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Lord Siva Lord Siva; Eternally Auspicious Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu
  • Sriansh- Lord Vishnu
  • Srihaas- Lord Vishnu
  • Srisurya- Lord Vishnu’s Part
  • Sri Varshan- Lord of Sabari Hill Lord of universe
  • Shreyovardhana- Lord venkateswara Lord Vishnu
  • Sreeghan- Modern
  • Srikaran More Polite; Simplicity Name of Love
  • Sivaguru- Nice Person
  • Srijesh- One of the kauravas
  • Sohith- One who Leapt Across the Ocean One who Makes Effort Organized
  • Sreevar- Perfect Pious; Pure Pious; Pure Polite; Lord Shiva Possessed of Qualities Power of Lord Indra
  • Sourik- Powerful Like Fire Beautiful
  • Souhardika- Processing; Fulfilment; Equipment Proud Proud Punjabi Cast
  • Siddhivinayaka- Raising; One of Lord Shiva’s Name Raising; One of Lord Shiva’s Name
  • Saatvik- Ray of Sun Love
  • Soumith- Refined Responsibility Charming Goddess Parvati
  • Sivaraman- Son of King
  • Soumik Sriyansh- Succeed; Fruitful Sun
  • Sree- Sabari Wealth
  • Srivasthav- Winner Winner; Lord Shiva With Strength With Strength
  • Saahas- Worship Day Worship; To Acquire the Method Young Young


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