Social Security Names List, Pick Popular Social Security Baby Names

SSA has been releasing the country’s most popular names since 1997, with lists that go as far back as 1880. The agency pulls from applications received for Social Security cards in order to put each year’s list together. But every year, the U.S. government crunches the numbers to get the actual data on baby names across the country. The Social Security Administration has finally released its list of most popular boys’ and girls’ baby names

For those who want something popular, Social Security Administration is a great place to look. Each year, the organization publishes the most popular baby names from the previous year and notes trends in baby naming.

Finding the perfect baby name can be a daunting task for many parents, particularly if they want something unique. is the wonderful place for finding Social Security Baby Names/ Social Security Top Baby Names/ Most popular baby Names Social Security.

Most Popular Names in 2020

 Girl Names 2020 Boy Names 2020
Olivia Liam
Emma Noah
Ava Oliver
Charlotte Elijah
Sophia William
Amelia James
Isabella Benjamin
Mia Lucas
Evelyn Henry
Harper Alexander

Social Security Top Names in 2019

Girl Names in 2019 Boy Names in 2019
Olivia Liam
Emma Noah
Ava Oliver
Sophia William
Isabella Elijah
Charlotte James
Amelia Benjamin
Mia Lucas
Harper Mason
Evelyn Ethan
Abigail Alexander
Emily Henry
Ella Jacob
Elizabeth Michael
Camila Daniel
Luna Logan
Sofia Jackson
Avery Sebastian
Mila Jack
Aria Aiden

Social Security Baby Names 2018

Girl Names in 2018 Boy Names in 2018
Emma Liam
Olivia Noah
Ava William
Isabella James
Sophia Oliver
Charlotte Benjamin
Mia Elijah
Amelia Lucas
Harper Mason
Evelyn Logan
Abigail Alexander
Emily Ethan
Elizabeth Jacob
Mila Michael
Ella Daniel
Avery Henry
Sofia Jackson
Camila Sebastian
Aria Aiden
Scarlett Matthew

Social Security Baby Names 2015

Girl Names in 2015 Boy Names in 2015
Emma Noah
Olivia Liam
Sophia Mason
Ava Jacob
Isabella William
Mia Ethan
Abigail James
Emily Alexander
Charlotte Michael
Harper Benjamin