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Solar Planets Names in Telugu/ Navagrahalu in Telugu | తెలుగులో గ్రహాల

Planets Names in Telugu lang: Are you Looking for Planets Names in Telugu? All of the planet names in Telugu are presented here. Planets were regarded as deity representatives or as celestial creatures by many early cultures. With advanced scientific knowledge so did human understanding of the planets, and the invention of the telescope enabled the discovery of numerous planetary objects of diverse size, shape, and orbit.

There are several fascinating facts regarding our solar system. The planets in the Solar System are all distinct in their attributes and behaviours. will help you in exploring the Planets Names in Telugu.

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Planets Names in Telugu:

English Telugu
Sun సూర్యుడు
Mercury పాదరసం
Venus శుక్ర
Earth భూమి
Mars అంగారక
Jupiter బృహస్పతి
Saturn శని
Uranus యురేనస్
Neptune నెప్ట్యూన్
Pluto ప్లూటో