Planets Names in Hindi, Pick Names for Planets

Most of the parents wants to teach about Solar system to their child. In Examination, most of questions are asked in related to the names of the solar system and planets also. Nowadays many people have very little basic knowledge about geography. If you want to learn about Solar System or Planets then you have to utilize this article. Most of the hindi peoples wants to share the information about Planets in Hindi Language. If you are looking for Planets Names in Hindi then don’t worry about that. Here authors have been prepared this article for school students.

Planets Names in Hindi and English

Planets Names in English Planets Names in Hindi Picture
Mercury (मर्करी) बुध (Budh)
Venus (वेनस) शुक्र (Shukra)
Earth (अर्थ) पृथ्वी (Prithvi)
Mars (मार्स) मंगल (Mangal)
Jupiter (जुपिटर) बृहस्पति (Brahspati)
Saturn (सैटर्न) शनि (Shani)
Uranus (युरेनस) अरुण (Arun)
Neptune (नेप्‍च्‍यून) वरुण (Varun)