Parts of Body Name in Hindi and English, Pick the Body Part Names

शरीर के अंगों के नाम हिंदी और इंग्लिश में / Name of Body Parts in Hindi and English 

Do you need to look for body part names in Hindi and English that begin with sections of Body Name? But if you’re confused where to begin, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. We are all know that knowing the names of the bodily parts is important for all humans. All body part names should be known to you as a human being. As humans, you must be aware of the names of each body component and how they work.

This Post does not include all of the names of physical parts. This posts will give you with an excellent approach to learn the names of many bodily parts, each of which has a name in Hindi and English. As a result, everyone should be familiar with the names of body parts. After reading this post, we hope you learnt a lot of new names for body parts. can assist you in exploring the body component names in Hindi and English.

Parts of Body Name in Hindi and English:

Body Parts Name  In English Body Parts Name In Hindi
Face चेहरा
Eyes आँखे
Eye आँख
Eyebrow भौं
Tongue जीभ
Mouth मुँह
Teeth, Tooth दांत
Lips होंठ
Cheek गाल
Nose नाक
Forehead माथा
Hair बाल
Shoulder कन्धा
Back कमर, पीठ
Stomach पेट
Throat गला
Leg टांग
Knee घुटना
Foot पैर
Hand हाथ
Ear कान
Beard दाढ़ी
Neck गर्दन
Moustache मूछ
Smiley face हशमुख चेहरा
Wrist कलाई
Larynx कंठ
Thumb अंगूठा
Fingers उंगली
Little Finger छोटी उंगली
Ring Finger अनामिका
Index Finger तर्जनी
Belly पेट
Bone हड्डी
Palm हथेली
Calf पिंडली
Head सिर
Hip कुल्हा (Kulha)
Skin त्वचा
Nail नाख़ून
Blood रक्त
Fist मुठी
Brain मस्तिष्क
Eyelid पलक
Heart हृदय
Uterus गर्भासय
Thigh जांघ
Temple कनपटी
Lung फेफड़ा
Liver जिगर
Kidney गुर्दा
Joint जोड़
Jaw जबड़ा
Intestine आंत