Nicknames for Ireland, Top Ireland Nicknames

Ireland is a lovely nation with a fascinating history. Here are various nicknames for Ireland and its countries. Anyone who has lived or visited Ireland understands the grandeur of the island’s undulating hills and countryside. Ireland has a rich history and a vibrant culture in addition to its gorgeous green beauty.

Whether you reside on the island or are just passing through, you might be interested in some of Ireland’s renowned nicknames. will help you to explore Nicknames for Ireland.

Nicknames for Ireland:

  • Antrim –The Saffrons or The Glens County
  • Wic – White Irish Catholic
  • Narrow Back – This Irish nickname was given to the children of Irish immigrants who, according to reports, were not as dedicated and hardworking as their long-suffering parents
  • Bridgets – Bridget became the Irish nickname for a female domestic servant
  • Cat- Lick – Cat-lick is a spin off on the Irish pronunciation of Catholic
  • Offaly – The Faithful County, The Biffos
  • Roscommon – The Rossies, The Sheep stealers
  • Sligo – The Yeats County, The Herring Pickers, Land of Heart’s Desire, The Zebras, The Magpies
  • Tipperary – The Premier County, The Stone Throwers, Tipp
  • Tyrone – The O’Neill County, The red Hand County, The Red Hands, Tyrone Among The Bushes
  • Waterford – Decies, The Déise, The Gentle County, The Crystal County
  • Westmeath – The Lake County
  • Wexford – The Model County, The Yellow Bellies’, The Sydneysiders, The Strawberry Pickers
  • Wicklow – The Garden of Ireland, The Garden County, The Goatsuckers
  • Fumblin’ Dublin- Apparently, the Irish will sometimes use this phrase to refer to their own unemployed, drunken Dublin residents
  • Mcnugget – This Irish nickname is for the children of the Irish and Scottish
  • Micks – one derogatory way to refer to the Irish
  • Armagh – The Orchard County, The Cathedral County
  • Carlow – The Dolmen County, The Barrowsiders, The Fighting Cocks, The Scallion Eaters
  • Cavan – The Breffni, The Lake County
  • Clare – The Banner County
  • Cork – The Revel Country, The Leesiders, The Donkey Aters
  • Donegal – The Hills,
  • Down – The Mourne County, The Mournemen, The Ardsmen
  • Dublin – The Dubs, The Liffeysiders, The Jackeens, The Jacks, The Metropolitans, The Pale, The Big Smoke
  • Fermanagh – The Maguire County, The Lakeland County, The Lake County, The Erne County, The Ernesiders
  • Galway – The Tribesmen’s, The Herring Chokers,
  • Kerry  – The Kingdom
  • Kildare – The Lilywhites, The Short Glass County, The Thoroughbred County
  • Kilkenny – The Cats, The Marble County, The Noresiders, Wet-the-guns
  • Meath – The Royal County
  • Monaghan – The Farney, The Oriel County, The Drumlin County

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