Navnath Names, Explore the Names

Are you looking for Navnath Names? The term Navnath refers to the nine great saints who propagated the Lord Dattatreya-founded Navnath Sampradaya. We provide the names and biographies of the Navnath saints here. Nine superhuman individuals have been identified as Navnath that is Nine Great Saints. They showed integrity, generosity, sacrifice, and love. Their Mantra power was also quite strong.

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List of Navnath Names:

  • Matsyendranath or Macchchendranath
  • Gorakhnath or Gorakshnath
  • Jalandernath or Jan Peer
  • Kanifnath
  • Gahininath, also known as Gaibi Peer
  • Nagesh Nath
  • Charpatnath
  • Bhartarinath