Nail Tools Names and Pictures, Explore the Nail Tools Names

Are you looking for Nail tools names and pictures? While your nails reflect your overall health, the manner you care for your fingernails and toes is an indicator of your personal cleanliness standards. Nobody likes keep their nails dirty, so treat your nails like you would your face or teeth. Did you realize that your hands may properly tell your age? If you don’t know where to explore the names, look at the list given below. will definitely help you explore the names you are looking for. Have a look!

If you want to keep your hands and feet looking young, clean, and healthy, you need to maintain nail hygiene and avoid infection. will help you to explore the list of Nail Tools Names and Pictures.

Nail Tools Names and Pictures:

Nail Tool Name Image Description
Nail Cutter A nail cutter is a very useful tool for cutting finger and toe nails.
Cuticle Pusher A Cuticle Nail Pusher is a tool for pushing back and loosening cuticles.
Cuticle Nipper Cuticle Nippers are a tool use to clip difficult cuticles and hangnails.
Nail Buffer Using a rough surface, a nail buffer is used to enhance gloss to fingernails and toe nails.


Nail File A nail file is a tool for gently shaping and grinding down the edges of nails.
Pumice Stone Pumice stones are used to remove dead skin and calluses from the foot.
Nail Brush A tiny brush with strong bristles for washing hands and cleaning fingernails and toes.
Orangewood Stick An orangewood stick is a manicure tool that is used to clean the fingernails and push back the cuticles.
Pediklear PediKlear Electronic Foot File is for Immediate Heel Repair.
Callus Remover Callus remover is a skin treatment that is used to cure common skin and foot infections.