Metal Names in English and Hindi With Pictures, Explore the Metal Names

Metals are an essential component of life. Metals are used for a variety of reasons based on their qualities. In this section, we shall go through the Hindi names for several metals. Look at the list of metal names in Hindi and English. Here you will also study several metal names in Hindi and English. We are aware that there are several metals located all around us. Gold is used to enhance one’s appearance. Nowadays, iron is employed in furniture.

Here you will study the names of some of these metals in Hindi and English. will give you metal names in english and hindi with pictures, look through the list given below.

Metal Names in English and Hindi With Pictures:

English Name for the Metal  Image Hindi Name for the Metal
Aluminium   एलुमिनियम
Bell Metal  काँसा
Brass  पीतल
Bronze  कांस्य
Copper    ताँबा
Gold     सोना
Iron  लोहा
Lead    सीसा
Mercury  पारा
Metal   धातु
Platinum   प्लैटिनम


Steel   इस्पात
Sulphur   गन्धक
Tin     रांगा
Titanium    टाइटेनियम
Zinc जस्ता