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Are you looking for Hand tool tools names? What exactly are hand tools and what is their function? If you don’t know, nothing to worry. You have come to the right place. Hand tools are tiny manual tools used to repair objects by hand. While using these things, you can hold it in your hand as the name implies. Pickthenames.com is the best place to explore the Hand tool tools names and its uses.

When considering some of the most significant objects we use in our everyday lives, hand tools are important among them. Check out the list below to see some of the benefits of hand tools, you may be surprised at how useful they are. Pickthenames.com will help you to explore the list of Hand tool tools names.

Hand Tool Tools Names:

Tool Name Image Description
Anvils The anvil is a tool for forging.
Axe Axes can be used for cutting.
Chisel A chisel is a type of cutting tool.
Crowbar Crowbar is used for removing nails or separating two materials or things.
Drill A drill is a tool used to make round holes or to drive screws.
Hammer Hammers are used for a variety of tasks including  shaping, breaking, and non-destructive hitting.
Hand Files Hand Files are generally used for filing metals such as steel.
Hand Planer A hand planer is a tool used to shape wood.
Level A level is a piece of equipment used to assess whether a surface is horizontal or vertical.
Mallet A mallet is a handle-mounted block used to drive chisels.
Pliers Pliers are hand-operated tools used to hold and clutch tiny objects as well as bend and cut wire.
Pry Bars A pry bar is a tool for removing nails.
Saw Saws are widely used to cut hard materials.
Scissors Scissors are used to cut a variety of materials.
Screwdriver A screwdriver is a tool that is used to drive screws.
Staple Guns Staple guns are used for a wide range of applications and materials.
Tape measure A tape measure is a hand instrument used to measure distance or size.
Utility Knife A utility knife is a knife that is used for general physical work.
Vise A vice can be used to keep the driller in the correct position.
Wrenches A wrench is a hand tool used to turn the head of a bolt or nut.