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If you are looking for Computer Hardware Names With Images? You are at the perfect place. The physical components that make up a computer system are referred to as computer hardware. A computer may handle a wide variety of hardware that can be installed either inside or outside. One of the most useful and adaptable inventions in human history is the computer. The fundamental components of a computer allow for extremely fast processing and job completion. Take a look at the list of computer hardware names with images given below. This site will definitely help you find the hardware names you are exploring for.Because of its immense processing power, it is a crucial component of global progress.

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Computer Hardware Names With Images:

Computer Hardware Names

Computer Hardware Images

Analog modem
Card reader
Central Processing Unit
Computer Case
Data cable
Expansion card
External hard drive
Flash drive
Floppy disk drive
Hard Disk Drive
Heat sink
Memory Unit
Pen tablet
Power Cord
Random Access Memory
Tape drive
Video card