Clothes Name in English and Hindi With Pictures, Explore the Names

Are you looking for Clothes Name in English and Hindi With Pictures? Clothes are items made of fabric or cotton that people wear, such as shirts, jackets, trousers, pants, dresses etc. Clothing is an item or component of a material composed of fabric or cotton materials that is generally sewed together in an arrangement to enclose or cover the bodily parts of the human body. As time passes, garments are produced from animal skins and different sheets of material such as terracotta nylon and other things. Only humans can wear clothing on their bodily parts.

Learn a list of clothing names in English and Hindi, along with clothing photos to help you improve and expand your vocabulary. Fashion is one of the world’s largest industries, and whether you are interested in it or not, one thing is certain we all wear clothes. will give you Clothes Name in English and Hindi With Pictures, look through the list given below.

Clothes Name in English and Hindi With Pictures:

Clothes Name in English  Images Clothes Name in Hindi
Blanket  कम्बल
Belt कमरबंद
Boots  जूते
Cap टोपी टोपी
Cashmere  कश्मीरा
Chintz  छींट
Cloth  कपड़ा
Coat कोट
Drill जीन
Gauze  जाली
Gloves दस्ताने
Hat  टोपी
Jacket  जैकेट
Skirt  घाघरा
Socks  मोज़े
Sweater  स्वेटर
T-shirt टीशर्ट
Pyjamas  पाजामा
Scarf  दुपट्टा
Shawl  दुशाला
Shirt कमीज़
Shoelace फीता
Shorts  कच्छा
Shoe जूता
Jeans जीन्स
Laces  तसमें
Lining  अस्तर
Mattress गद्दा
Muffler  गुलूबन्द
Overcoat  ओवरकोट
Pocket   जेब
Pullover  स्वेटर