Baby Names that Mean Mint, Look at the List of Baby Names

If you are looking for baby names that mean mint? Look at baby name that means mint and then see some more minty names for your baby. While naming a baby, meaning Mint the first word comes to mind is freshness. Mint is a popular flavour and scent for breath fresheners, toothpastes, and mouthwashes. Naming your child can be a challenging task. In that case you have come to the right place. You are at the right place, if you are searching for baby names that means mint with their name origin. We hope you will definitely like the baby names that mean mint by looking at the list given below. Take a look! will help you to explore the list of Baby Names that Mean Mint. The meaning behind the name you choose will give them hints about who you are, so find one that fits. The name a baby is the most difficult task.  The following list contains excellent Baby Names that Mean Mint.

Baby Names that Mean Mint:

Baby Names That Mean Mint Name Origin
Betony  English
Anise  English
Ananux  Armenian
Cedrina  Italian
Chloe  Greek
Minze  German
Lavender  English
Timian  Norwegian
Vasyl  Ukrainian
Basile  French
Basil  Greek
Celadon  Greek
Hejia  Chinese
Patchouli  English
Vasile  Romanian
Malisa  Thai
Pennyroyal  English
Turquoise  English
Rayhana  Arabic
Pasi  Finnish
Wrigley  English
Iksura  Hindi
Bhustrin  Sanskrit
Sage  English