12 Months Names in Telugu, Explore the Months names in Telugu

Are are searching for months name in telugu? Don’t worry you have come to the right place. Telugu is a Dravidian language that is extensively spoken in various Indian states. This language is mostly spoken in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Yanam. We have compiled a list of telugu names that match month names in English using the solar calendar. As we all know, the telugu calendar has 12 months in a year. Month names in telugu calendar also have 12 months. Telugu Calendar is likewise divided into 12 months. Masalu is the Tamil word for this month. So, we have included a list of Telugu month names below.

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12 Months Names in Telugu:

English Telugu
March/April చైత్రము
April/May వైశాఖము
May/June జ్యేష్ఠము
June/July ఆషాఢము
July/August శ్రావణము
August/September భద్రపదము
September/October ఆశ్వయుజము
October/November కార్తికము
November/December మార్గశిరము
December/January పుష్యము
January/February మాఘము
February/March ఫాల్గుణము