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Are you searching for Flowers Name in Sanskrit? Don’t worry you have come to the right place. Here are some Popular Flowers Names in Sanskrit that will teach you more about them than just their beautiful colour show! Sanskrit is one of India’s ancient languages and has a significant cultural significance. Here’s a unique collection of some Popular Flowers Names in Sanskrit to help you learn the language better!

All of those are names that have been expected to be followed and have been around for a long time. Despite the fact that language has changed, many individuals still favour Sanskrit. could help you to explore the Flowers Name in Sanskrit.

Flowers Name in Sanskrit:

English Names  Sanskrit Names 
Flower पुष्पम्, सुमनः, कुसुमम्
Jasmine जातीपुष्पम्, नवमल्लिका, मल्ली
Oleander कर्णोरः
Lily यूथिका
Magnolia चम्पकम्
Orange Blossom जाम्भजम्
Pandanus कैतकम्
Blossomed Flower विकचम्, सफुटम्, प्रफुल्लम्, विकसितम्
Withered Flower म्लानम्
Rose पाटलम्
Erythrina शेफालिका
Oleander कर्णोरः
Palash किंशुक
Golden Shower व्याधिघात
Magnolia चम्पकम्
Lotus सहस्त्रपत्रम्, उत्पलम्, शतपत्रम्
Sandal श्रीखण्डम्
spanish cherry बकुल:
sunflower दिवाकरः
Water Lily पद्मिनी
Blue water lily कृष्ण कमलम
Marigold स्‍थलपद्मम्
Tulip कन्द पुष्पम्
Daisy मातृ, भृङ्गराज
bluewater lily कृष्ण कमलम
Sweet Jasmine यूथिका
Sandalwood Flower श्रीखण्डम्
Night Blooming
Balsam व्रणरोपिन्
Erythrina शेफालिका
Rosemallows जपपुशम
Spanish cherry बकुल: