Yiddish Names 2022, Explore the Yiddish Baby Girl and Boy Names

List of Yiddish Names for Baby Girl & Boys 

Are you looking for a different Yiddish baby names? Yiddish names are really lovely, meaningful, and unique. They’re also a fantastic way to protect the language. Check out our collection of first & last Yiddish baby names and their meanings to find a meaningful name for your child. There are Yiddish names for both males and females. With these popular Yiddish baby names, you may show respect to your nation and family heritage. We’ve created a names list of the best Yiddish baby names for both boys and girls, to help you choose a name for your child before their naming ceremony.

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Yiddish Girls/Female Names:

  • Alte- means “old”
  • Bluma- means “bloom” or “flower”
  • Blima- means “blossom.”
  • Breindel – means “brunette”
  • Eidel- means “gentle” or “refined”
  • Faiga/Faigy- means “little bird”
  • Fruma- means “righteous”
  • Freida/Frayda/Frida- means “joy”
  • Fraydel- means “joy”
  • Gitte/Gitta- means “good”
  • Gittel- means “good”
  • Golda/Golde- means “gold”
  • Henya- means “grace”
  • Hinda- means “deer”
  • Hindel- means “deer”
  • Kayla- means “crown” and “laurel”
  • Kreindel- means “crown”
  • Perl- means “pearl”
  • Minah- means “peaceful”
  • Mindel- means “peaceful” or “rest”
  • Mirele- means “rising water”
  • Pesha- means “daughter of God”
  • Raysel- means “rose.”
  • Reyna- means “pure” and “clean”
  • Shayna- means “beautiful”
  • Toibe/Toiba- means “dove”
  • Zelda- means “blessed”

Yiddish Boys/Male Names:

  • Anshel- means “joy” and “affirmation”
  • Alter- means “old”
  • Feivish- means “shinning” or “light”
  • Feivel- means “bright”
  • Fischel- means “little fish”
  • Hersch/Hirsch- means “deer”
  • Herschel- means “little deer”
  • Lieb- means “lion”
  • Liebel- means “lion”
  • Mendel- means “he who comforts”
  • Sholem- means “peace”
  • Tevye/Tevya- means “good”
  • Velvel- means “wolf”
  • Yankel- means “to follow”
  • Yudel- means “praised”
  • Zalman- means “peace”
  • Zelig- means “blessed” or “holy”
  • Zisse- means “sweet”

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