Celtic Boy Names and Meanings, Pick the Best Unusual Celtic Boy Baby Names

Cute & Unique Celtic Boy Baby Names and Meanings – Collection of Celtic Male Names 2022

Celtic language and culture relate to a heritage that may be traced back to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, sections of Brittany, Nova Scotia, and the Isle of Man. Choosing one of the many unique and well-known Celtic names for your new-born baby boy is a wonderful way to remember the Celtic cultural heritage.

Though some people feel that Celtic names are difficult to say or that they are too unusual, we’ve selected names that break these expectations.

Are you looking for a list of the most inspirational or unique Celtic baby names for your new baby boy? We’ve compiled a list of the top Celtic baby names for boys. pickthenames.com will help you recognise the best Celtic baby names.

Unusual Celtic Boy Names

Name Meaning
Aart Celtic – Stone; bear; German – Thor; The Eagle
Adie Celtic – Little Fire; Hebrew – Man
Allen Allen is Little Rock
Bowen son of “Owen”
Brian A noble man from the hills
Bryan A courageous and virtuous man
Cullen Handsome boy
Cullen Handsome boy
Cairbre A Celtic Boy name
Caractacus One who is loved
Carantok  friend
Caratacus loved and cared for
Deedee A beloved being; raging one from the valley
Dillion A faithful one; brightness of lord
Dinogad A highly inspirational person; versatile
Diuma bishop; who won truth
Donall stranger; strong and efficient
Donat gifts and stranger
Donel One who is the ruler of the world
Ea Fire, A person on whom others can rely on
Eliseo kind and peace loving
Eljin Freedom provider; one who is noble and white coloured
Eoin god is good or god’s gift
Eonan oath or little seal
Errigal the name of an Irish mountain
Esca someone who feels strongly for nature
Escarans an angel fish or someone strongly attracted towards nature
Evan god has been gracious or stone or right hander or youth
Evanam my prayer has been heard
Flemmyng A man from the Flanders
Flemyng A citizen; descendant from Flanders
Floyd gray-colored or gray-haired
Fynbar pale or grey colored hair
Gallagher keen to support
Galvin Refers to tiny brownish European song bird.
Garvey Painful destiny or Excruciating fortune
Garyth Honest and tender care person.
Hedrek bold
Heremon Herman and Irving
Hines Celtic – Descendant of Eidhin
Jannon One with fair hair
Jareth A gentle one
Kacey Kacey is a Boy name meaning Descendant of Cathasach
Kaelan Kealan means Slender
Kaelen Kaelan means Slender
Kaelin Kaelin means Rejoicer
Kail Kail means The Mighty One
Kane Kane means Fighter, Hero
Kanin Kanin means Little Ancient One
Lez Garden of hollies
Lincoln Settlement by the lake
Lincon Name for a town near the lake or pond
Lir Celtic name of a mythical king
Litugenus The one who has a settlement
Merlinn Celtic – Sea Hill Fort; Small Falcon
Merlynn Celtic – Sea Hill Fort; Small Falcon
Merrell Celtic – Sea Bright; Famous
Mor In Celtic it means someone who is exceptional.
Moray Celtic – Settlement by the Sea
Nevan The youngest saint or spiritual person.
Nevyn The one who does devotion to the saints.
Nial The person who is fluent in speaking.
Niall Victor, overcomer, defeater, titleholder.
Nil A born champion and one from the cloud
Nisien A mythical son of Euroswydd
Owen A well born, young warrior; noble birth
Oscon An admirer of deer
Owin A young and fearless fighter
Pendragon Cheif Dragon
Piran The patron saint of miners
Powell Celtic – Son of Howell; A Welsh Surname; Son of the servant of St.Paul;
Pwyll A male name from the Welsh Mythology, King Pwyll
Quinn Intelligent man
Quade One who is born fourth
Quaid A powerful ruler
Ronan To make a promising oath
Regan A little regal one
Reghan A regal baby Boy
Reily A valiant man
Revelin Celtic – A form of Rolan; A Form Of Roland
Rhyland One who comes wrom the field of rye
Sloan One with the nature of a warrior, a fighter in heart
Sloane warrior in heart
Sheamus One who supplants
Sheehan Peaceful child
Sholto Teal Duck
Tadgh A poet; Honoured by God
Tadhg Bard, one reciting epics
Tarlock An instigator
Tarmon Land that belongs to Church
Tavin A hillslide
Tawnya A green field
Tchad A defender and a protector
Zayden Little fire