Names that Mean Rainbow, Pick the Rainbow Names for Baby Girl & Boys with Meanings

Awesome & Unique Baby Names that mean Rainbow for Girls & Boys

Rainbow names for girls and boys are a great way to celebrate the sun after a storm. These names offer you delight and celebrate your rainbow baby in both meaning and power. Pick a name that expresses your joy at naming a baby meaning rainbow. You might feel satisfied with your baby’s miraculous birth if you choose the correct name. Parenting a rainbow baby may be an amazing and beautiful experience. So, it seems logical that parents spend some time looking for just the perfect name for their rainbow baby.

We hope these rainbow names for girls and boys provide you with peace and healing. is the right place to name your lovely baby. Good luck with your search!! Here are some of the most Popular baby names meaning Rainbow.

Boys Names that Mean Rainbow:

  • Arnan- Meaning joyful
  • Asher- Meaning blessing
  • Antonio- Meaning priceless
  • Harichap- Meaning the Rainbow
  • Indrachap- Meaning Rainbow
  • Indrayudh- Meaning Weapon of Indra Rainbow
  • Chitrachap- Meaning Rainbow
  • Haricapa- Meaning Indra’s Bow The Rainbow
  • Alvin- Meaning elf friend
  • Alfred- Meaning elf counsel
  • Isaac- Meaning laughter and joy
  • Amil- Meaning hope
  • Truman- Meaning faithful one
  • Winston– Meaning joy
  • Tate- Meaning happy
  • Storm-  Meaning strength and power
  • Anthony- Meaning priceless
  • Benedict- Meaning blessing
  • Beau- Meaning pronounced ‘bow’ like rain-bow
  • Cadeau- Meaning gift
  • Enfys- Meaning Welsh for rainbow
  • Felix- Meaning fortune
  • Hari- Meaning bright colour

Girls Names that Mean Rainbow:

  • Amal- Meaning hopeful
  • Aimee- Meaning beloved
  • Cordelia- Meaning heart
  • Larona- Meaning Rainbow
  • Sabrang- Meaning Rainbow
  • Sachdhian- Meaning Rainbow Absorbed in the True One
  • Verlene- Meaning Faith
  • Victoria- Meaning Victory
  • Indrayudha- Meaning Weapon of Indra Rainbow
  • Violet- Meaning Violet Flower
  • Wing- Meaning Glory
  • Yaretzi- Meaning you will always be loved
  • Zerlinda- Meaning Beautiful dawn
  • Ziya- Meaning Light
  • Zoe- Meaning Life
  • Zorah- Meaning Dawn
  • Zorina- Meaning Dawn
  • Zulema- Meaning Peace
  • Joy- Meaning Happiness
  • Juji- Meaning Heap of Love
  • Kaloni- Meaning the heavens
  • Kamilah-  Meaning Perfect
  • karina- Meaning Love
  • Kayin- Meaning Long Awaited Child
  • Keeva- Meaning Protect; Shelter
  • Kehlani- Meaning Sea heavens
  • Lalani- Meaning Royal child of heaven
  • Joie Meaning joy
  • Letitia Meaning joy
  • MireilleMeaning miracle
  • Dorothea – Meaning gift from God

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