Two Syllable Girl Names, Pick Girl Baby Names

Are you looking for beautiful names for your Girl Baby? Then you are at the wonderful place. One of the most difficult job is naming for your girl baby. Many parents spends more time to pick correct name. Some people searching baby names in books and others searching names on internet. Whatever it is everyone prepared list that contains huge numbers of names after that they choose one name for their girl baby. Everyone wants to choose short names for their kids. If your choice is Two Syllable Girl Names then is the wonderful place. Here we have listed 2 syllable names for girl baby/ 2 syllable girl baby names.

Two Syllable Girl Baby Names

  • April (English), from a word meaning “to open”
  • Autumn (English), derived from the season autumn
  • Chloe (Old Greek), meaning “young green shoot” 
  • Clover (English), meaning “the green herb with tri-fold leaves”
  • Daisy (Old English), meaning “day’s eye”, derived from the flower name
  • Flora (German), meaning “flower” and “blossom”
  • Florence (French), meaning “blossoming” and “flourishing”
  • Holly (English), derived from the name of the evergreen shrub or tree
  • Lilac (Arabic), meaning “a flowering shrub”
  • Lily (English), derived from the flower
  • Noelle (French), meaning “born on Christmas
  • Poppy (English), derived from the flower
  • Tulip (Turkish), derived from the flower
  • Vesna (Slavic), from early Slavic mythology, meaning “the season of spring”
  • Winter (English) derived from the season

2 Syllable Girl Baby Names

  • Ada (German), meaning “noble” and “honorable”
  • Agnes (Greek), meaning “pure”
  • Alma (Latin), meaning “kind” and “nourishing”
  • Charlotte (German), meaning “free man”
  • Clara (Latin), meaning “clear” and “bright”
  • Daphne (Old Greek), meaning “laurel” and “laurel tree”
  • Edith (Old English), meaning “rich in war,” is derived from elements meaning “wealth” and “battle”
  • Esme (Spanish), shortened form of Esmeralda meaning “emerald”
  • Etta (Scottish), form of Margaret meaning “pearl”
  • Frances (Italian), meaning “Frenchwoman” and “free one”
  • Hattie (English), diminutive of Henrietta meaning “house owner” and “lord of the manor”
  • Ines (Old Greek), a form of Agnes meaning “pure”
  • Lula, variant of several names of different origins including Louise (Dutch) derived from elements meaning “fame” and “warrior”
  • Nora (German), meaning “honored” and “honorable”
  • Vita (Scandinavian), meaning “life”

Two Syllable Girl Names

  • Alya (Arabic), meaning “high, lofty” and “sunshine,” it is the name of part of a star system
  • Ara (Armenian), meaning king, it is a constellation
  • Astra (Old Greek), meaning “star”
  • Celeste (French), meaning “heavenly” and “of the sky”
  • Celine (Latin), meaning “heaven” and “sky”
  • Eris (Old Greek), meaning “strife,” it is the name of a large dwarf planet
  • Gaia (Old Greek), meaning “earth”
  • Io (Old Greek), it is the name of one of the largest moons in the Solar System and belongs to Jupiter
  • Juno (Latin), this is a name used in Roman mythology by a goddess who is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera,  the name of the third asteroid belt discovered
  • Luna (Latin), meaning “moon,” it is also the name of a moon goddess in Roman Mythology
  • Phoebe (Old Greek), biblical name meaning “bright” and “pure,” it is also a satellite of Saturn
  • Rhea (Old Greek), meaning “river” and “stream,” it is the name of a moon of Saturn
  • Selene (Old Greek), meaning “moon” and “heaven,” it is the name of the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology
  • Stella (Latin), meaning “star”
  • Ursa (Latin), Ursa major is a bear constellation that includes the big dipper constellation, Ursa minor is the little dipper
  • Vega (Arabic), meaning “falling vulture,” it is also the name of the brightest star in the Lyra constellation
  • Venus (Latin), meaning “love” and “desire,” it is also the name of the second planet from the sun

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