Turkish Baby Names, Pick Turkish Boy/ Girl Names

Turkey is a country rich in history and culture; inhabited and controlled by the Anatolians, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, and influenced by the Romans, Greeks and Persians.

Are you looking for Turkish Baby Names/ Turkish Girl Names/ Turkish Boy Names, you are at the correct place. Turkish Baby names have beautiful meanings that evoke nature, astronomy, mythology and spirituality. Pickthenames.com have perfect collection for your loved one.

Picking Turkish Names for Girls/ Turkish names for Boys is the most difficult task for every parents. For that reason, we are come up with lots of collection and below list will help to find awesome names for your little one

Turkish Girl Names/ Turkish Female Names

  • Aiyla: Moonlight of moon halo.
  • Alara: Mythological aquatic fairy.
  • Aylin: Woman with moon halo.
  • Aysun: As beautiful as the moon.
  • Beste: Melodic.
  • Burcu: Of sweet scent.
  • Defne: Laurel or bay tree; tall and majestic.
  • Ece: The Queen.
  • Elif: Honest and slender like “Alif,” the first letter of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets.
  • Fatma: Daughter of Prophet Muhammed.
  • Hiranur: Light of the diamond.
  • Miray: Glowing like the moon.
  • Yildiz: Like a star.
  • Zehra: Blossoms, beauty.
  • Zeynep: Precious gem

Turkish Names for Girls/ Female Turkish Names

  • Aergul: Blooming roses.
  • Afet: A woman of bewitching beauty.
  • Asli: Sincere.
  • Banou: Princess.
  • Ceren: Baby gazelle.
  • Dilara: She who delights the heart.
  • Dilay: Gorgeous moon.
  • Doga: Nature.
  • Esin: Inspirational.
  • Eylül: September.
  • Feriha: Joyous woman.
  • Fusun: Charming woman.
  • Gulya: Flower.
  • Handan: Full of joy.
  • Irmak: From the river.
  • Kelebek: Butterfly.
  • Kiraz: Cherry tree.
  • Makbule: Loved.
  • Mehtap: From the moonlight.
  • Nermin: Delicate.
  • Nuray: Radiant moon.

Turkish Boy Names/ Turkish Male Names

  • Ahmet: Greatly praised.
  • Ayaz: Cool breeze.
  • Berat: The night of forgiveness.
  • Emir: King or commander.
  • Emre: “Friend” in Turkish.
  • Hamza: Lion, steadfast, strong and brave.
  • Haşim: Turkish form of Hashem.
  • Kerem: Nobility and generosity.
  • Mehmet: One who praises.
  • Musa: “Child.”
  • Mustafa: Chosen, selected, appointed.
  • Ömar: Populous and flourishing.
  • Yusuf: “God increases.”

Turkish Names for Boys/ Male Turkish Names

  • Adlee: The one who is measured by God.
  • Afshin: Ancient king.
  • Bayram: Celebration.
  • Burak: Fast and strong, like a lightning bolt.
  • Cahill: Young and innocent.
  • Candana: Sincerity and honesty.
  • Ceyhun: The name of a central Asian river.
  • Hosmunt: Clever person.
  • Kahraman: Hero.
  • Mazhar: Esteemed.
  • Miraç: Muhammad’s ascent to heaven.
  • Nijaz: Desire or wish.
  • Okan: An individual of a noble nature.
  • Ozan: A composer or storyteller.
  • Ruslan: Lion – a perfect name for your strong little man.
  • Safet: Pure.
  • Volkan: Volcanic.