Names That Mean Gold, Pick Unique Names That Mean Golden for Male and Female

Pick Cool Names that means “Gold” for Male & Female

Naming ceremony is the process of giving person or group of people an official name. Naming the perfect baby name for your child can be a difficult but the meaning reflects a parent’s desire for their child. People love to call their child by using Color names. Colors have been used as a source of inspiration for baby names in recent years. 

Gold is the winner’s colour, and it is associated with riches, prestige, and grandeur in virtually all countries and civilizations across the world. Gold means a soft, golden valuable metal, or a colour that is a blend of yellow and olive brown. Gold is one of the most popular names. It’s a beautiful baby name with an easy pronunciation. To assist you pick a name for your kid before their naming ceremony, here we have compiled a list of the finest baby names that signify gold for both boys and girls.

Are you looking for names with the word or meaning gold in them? could help you to locate the exact name that mean Gold, but here are some first names that sound like Gold or are similar to it.

Unique Names for Male that mean Gold:

Name Origin Meaning
Afwerki Ethiopian and Eritrean origins ‘mouth of gold’
Ardit Albanian origin ‘golden day’
Aurelius Ancient Roman origin ‘golden, gilded’
Auryn Celtic origin ‘gold’
Chrysanthos Greek origin ‘golden flower’
Chryses  Greek Mythological origin ‘golden’
Eurig Welsh origin ‘golden’
Flavius Ancient Roman origin ‘golden’
Okropir Georgian origin ‘gold mouth’
Oriol Catalan origin ‘golden’
Orlando Spanish origin ‘land of gold’
Oro Spanish origin ‘gold’
Orville English origin ‘golden city’
Paco American origin ‘golden eagle’
Rezart Albanian origin ‘golden ray’
Urre  Basque origin ‘gold’
Workneh East African origin ‘you are gold’
Zahavi  Hebrew origin ‘gold’
Zarathustra Old Iranian origin ‘golden camel’
Zereen Arabic origin ‘golden’
Zlatan Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian and Bulgarian origins ‘golden’

Unique Female Names that mean Gold:

Name Origin Meaning
Aurelia Latin ‘golden’
Blaine Irish and Gaelic origin ‘yellow’
Baojin Chinese ‘precious gold’
Carmela Latin, Hebrew, and Spanish and Italian origin ‘golden’
Chrysanthemum  Greek ‘golden flower’
Eldora Spanish ‘covered with gold’
Flavia Latin ‘yellow’ or even ‘golden’


Chinese ‘bright’ or ‘beautiful’
Kim Vietnamese and Korean gold
Laurelin English Song of Gold
Melora Greek golden apple
Nurit Hebrew ‘plant with yellow or red flowers’
Orla Irish ‘golden princess’
Paziah Hebrew ‘the gold of the Lord our God’
Rosaura Spanish ‘golden rose’
 Saffron English ‘yellow’
Topaz Greek ‘golden gem with healing and energizing properties along with bringing good luck’
Xanthe Greek ‘yellow’ or ‘blonde’