Russian Baby Names 2022, Popular Girl/ Boy Baby Names With Meanings

The Russians (Russian: русские, tr. russkiye) are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Eastern Europe, who share a common Russian ancestry, culture, and history. Russian, the most spoken Slavic language, is the shared mother tongue of the Russians; and Orthodox Christianity is their historical religion since the 11th century.

A traditional Russian name is typically made up of a first name, a middle name or patronymic name, and a family name. A given name is one given at birth or in the event of a name change. A patronymic name is usually a name that comes from the father or a paternal relative. Most Russians have all three names.

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Top Russian Baby Names

  • Sofia – София.A common name all over Europe, Sofia means ‘wisdom’.
  • Anastasia – Анастасия.A beautiful and distinctly Russian baby girl’s name, Anastasia actually has Greek origins. It means ‘resurrection’.
  • Anna – Анна.Anna Karenina is probably the most famous Russian literary character. The name means ‘grace’ or ‘favor’.
  • Elizabeth – Елизавета.A biblical name that’s spread across Europe and beyond, Elizabeth is one of the most common Russian female names.
  • Victoria – Виктория.Call your little daughter Victoria, and she’ll always be a winner. The name, of course, means ‘victory’.
  • Daria – Дарья, Дария.We can’t render the differences in the original cyrillic script in our alphabet, but there are two versions of Daria. It’s a Russian name that hasn’t yet become popular in the USA.
  • Polina – Полина.Polina traces its roots all the way back to Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, music, and poetry.
  • Varvara – Варвара.Think Barbara, but with a Russian twist. It means ‘strange’ or ‘foreign’, and we say there’s nothing wrong with that!
  • Alice – Алиса.A beautiful name in every language, Alice is the tenth most common girl name in Russia.

Popular Russian Baby Names

  • Kira – Кира.It means ‘mistress’ or ‘ruler’.
  • Vera – Вера.A name of Slavic origin, it means ‘faith’ or ‘truth’.
  • Margarita – Маргарита.Also the word for ‘daisy’, Margarita is a common Russian name. It can be shortened to Margosha, Rita, or Ritunya.
  • Alyona – Алёна.A Russian girl’s name meaning ‘bright and shining light’.
  • Kristina – Кристина.A common name across Europe, Kristina means ‘follower of Christ’.
  • Alina – Алина.Its diminutive form is the delightful Alinoshka. Alina means ‘light’.
  • Taisiya – Таисия.As well as being the name of a lover of Alexander the Great, Taisiya means ‘beautiful’ or ‘divine’.
  • Olga – Ольга.Perhaps one of the better-known Russian names, Olga means ‘blessed’ or ‘holy’. Its diminutive forms include Lyolya and Olechka.
  • Diana – Диана.Another name used across Europe, Diana comes from the ancient Roman goddess.
  • Yulia – Юлия.The Russian form of Julia, Julie, or Giulia.

Russian Baby Girl Names 2022

  • Aleandra(Russian origin) meaning “defender of man.”
  • Anastasia(Greek origin) meaning “resurrection,” and can also pass as Anna, a beautiful nickname for your baby girl.
  • Angelina(Greek origin) meaning “messenger”.
  • Anoushka(Russian origin) meaning “favor” or “grace”.
  • Anichka(Ukrainian origin) meaning “grace”.
  • Anya(Hebrew origin) meaning “grace”.
  • Belka(Slavic origin) meaning “squirrel”.
  • Bella(Italian origin) meaning “beautiful”.
  • Calina(Greek origin) meaning “the moon”.
  • Christina(Greek origin) meaning “follower of Christ”.
  • Diana(Latin origin) meaning “divine,” “shine,” and “heavenly”.
  • Dinara (Russian origin) meaning “treasure”.
  • Elena(Greek origin) meaning “shining light”.
  • Evva(Hebrew origin) meaning “life,” and it refers to the first woman created in the Bible.
  • Galina(Slavic origin) meaning “calm one”.
  • Lilia(Russian origin) meaning “lily”.
  • Lizabeta(Greek origin) means “my God is a vow”.
  • Margosha(Russian origin)  means “pearl”.
  • Matryona(Russian origin) means “lady”.
  • Mila(Slavic origin) means “beginning”.
  • Sonechka(Greek origin) means “wisdom”.
  • Stefaniya(Polish origin) means “crown”.
  • Taisiya (Russian origin) means “Egyptian goddess”.
  • Tamara(Hebrew origin) means “date” the fruit.
  • Vladlena(Russian origin) means “to rule”.

Russian Baby Names Boy 2022

  • Abram: Pronounced AHB-rahm. Meaning “father of many nations”. Of Russian and Hebrew origin.
  • Aleksandr: Pronounced ah-leek-san-der. Meaning “defender of man”. Of Russian origin.
  • Denis: Pronounced dee-nees. Meaning “From Dionysos”. Of Russian and French origin.
  • Grisha: Pronounced GREE-shah. Meaning “to be awake” or “watchful”.  Of Russian and Greek origin.
  • Iosif: Pronounced YO-seef. Meaning “God will increase”. Of Russian, Greek and Hebrew origin.
  • Ivan: Pronounced ee-vahn. Meaning “God is gracious”. Of Russian origin.
  • Kostya: Pronounced KAWST-yah. Meaning “constant and steadfast”. Of Russian and Latin origin.
  • Matvey: Pronounced math-VYAY. Meaning “God has rewarded”. Of Russian and Hebrew origin.
  • Oleg: Pronounced ah-lee-eg. Meaning “holy”. Of Russian origin.
  • Pasha: Pronounced PAH-shah. Meaning “small and humble”. Of Russian, Czech, and Latin origin.
  • Semyon: Pronounced see-mee-yon. Meaning “God is heard”. Of Russian origin.
  • Vanya: Pronounced VAHN-yah. Meaning “God is gracious”. Of Russian and Slavic origin.