Royal Marathi Names for Girl, Pick Girl Baby Names

Nowadays when a new baby is born at home we start looking for different names. Some names you have already searched for. But we like the names of Marathi girls more. We are also looking for whether the names of Marathi girls are new and the names of girls with different meanings which are not common. If the girls’ names are royal then we like them more. Then not only mother and father but also friends start looking for different names. For some newborn girls, we have come up with special names for Marathi girls who will be Royal or Royal Marathi Names For Girl. That too with meaning. If you want to name your little cute doll then these names can definitely help. Check out our name list now. Keep visit our website to get more Marathi Names

Royal Marathi Names for Girl

Name Meaning
Aakaanksha Wish or desire
Darshani The one who blessed
Dakshana Sweet
Chainika Specially selected
Aanchal protective shelter
Banditha Praised
Damshi Powerful
Darshika Perceiver
Aadrika Mountain
Bahulika Magnified
Dhaivat Luck
Deepanwita Lit by lamps
Chaaruvi Light,
Chehak Happiness
Aanshi God’s gift
Aaditri Goddess Lakshmi
Dakshayani Goddess Durga
Barsana Goddes
Aahana First rays of the sun
Devaki Divine
Chandika Diminutive of Chandana
Devarati Delight of the gods
Dakshika Daughter of brahma
Daakshya Cleverness
Charil brightness
Aaghnya Born from fire
Dehini Another name for Earth
Baishali An ancient city
Daksha Able
Darvikaa a sacrificial ladle

Royal Marathi Names for Girl Baby

Name Meaning
Yavni Young;
Talli Young;
Ubika Growth
Puja Worship;
Kirt Worship;
Elina Intelligence
Saxi Witness;
Iccha Wish;
Gaury White;
Dhny Wealthy
Dhan Wealth;
Laher Wave
Urmi Wave
Toya Water;
Aida Visiting
Adra Virgin
Feroza Victorious
Veta Life
Zohra Venus;
Adya Unparalleled;
Ekata Unity;
Ektaa Unity;
Fareeda Unique;
Agam Unimaginable
Firoza Turquoise;
Omita True Pearl;
Tori Triumphant;
Sema To Speak
Udaya To Rise; Dawn;
Dhya Thought;

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