Posh Baby Names, Pick Boy or Girl Baby Names

Choosing baby names not an easy task. As parents, we understand the struggle of picking out the perfect name for your baby. Some parents want to pick unique and modern names and some parents might decide to choose a name that is elegant and “posh

The following names are the names most indicative of the upper class in Britain over the last thirty years based on peerage birth announcements compared with national statistics. In other words, these names are uncommon choices in Britain except for among the upper class where they are well used.

If you are looking to invest your baby names with touch of class consider the pickthenames.com names list. Here we have listed Posh Names for Boys/ Posh Girl Names etc.

Posh Girl Names

  • Alexandra – This name favoured by many royals throughout the years means ‘man’s defender’.
  • Allegra – Take inspiration from something musical with this pretty baby girl name.
  • Anastasia – This posh baby girl name is Greek and means ‘resurrection’.
  • Angelica – This beautiful name has Latin origins and means ‘angel’.
  • Beatrice – Why not take inspiration from Princess Beatrice and use this posh baby name for your little girl?
  • Bijou – This unusual yet posh baby girl name is actually the French word for Jewel.
  • Camilla – Take inspiration from a real life Duchess and use this pretty name for your baby.
  • Caterina – Meaning ‘pure’ this name gives an elegant twist to the name Katherine.
  • Charlotte – Favoured by Prince William and Kate, this name means ‘free man’
  • Daniella – This name means ‘God is my judge’ and is favoured by royalty from Spain.
  • Daphne – You can’t get much posher than Bridgerton right?
  • Diana – One of the most famous royals of our lifetime was Princess Diana and this name oozes elegance and class.
  • Evangeline – This beautiful baby girl name means ‘good news’ and could be perfect for your baby.
  • Francesca – Another posh name from Spain is Francesca meaning ‘from France’.
  • Genevieve – Take inspiration from the upper class from years gone by with this posh baby name.
  • Gwendolyn – Another name from the past that was loved by the upper class is Gwendolyn.
  • Isabella – This popular French name means ‘devoted to God’.
  • Jolie – This name meaning ‘pretty’ may not be used that often but it’s a great one to pick if you want something classy yet unusual.
  • Juliet – Take inspiration from William Shakespear and use this name.
  • Lilliana – This take on the name Elizabeth is perfect if you want something a bit posh without being as traditional as Elizabeth.
  • Madeline – This pretty baby girl name means ‘woman from Magdala’.
  • Natalia – Taken from the more traditional name Natalie, this name means ‘born during Christmas’ and would be perfect if you had a December baby.
  • Octavia – This posh baby name means ‘eight’ and has an elegant feel to it.
  • Odette – This unusual, yet pretty name is taken from the ballet Swan Lake and means ‘wealth’.
  • Rosalind – Meaning ‘beautiful rose’ this name could be perfect if you are looking for something posh.
  • Sophia – Another name favoured by royalty across Europe, this name means ‘wisdom’
  • Tabitha – This pretty name has fallen out of the most popular lists in recent years, but we think it is a beautiful and classy name.
  • Victoria – This name screams royalty and class, and we think it would be a great posh baby girl name.
  • Violette – This Italian name means ‘violet’ and is perfect for a baby girl.
  • Vivienne – Meaning ‘lively’ this is an ancient name that has been used by nobility for many year.

Posh Names for Boys

  • Albert – This name has been used for years by the upper class and means ‘bright and noble’.
  • Anthony – This name is extremely popular through out high society in Italy and means ‘highly praiseworthy’.
  • Archibald – This slightly unusual name is a very posh name for you baby boy.
  • Barnaby – This posh baby boy name could be shorted to Barney if you wanted something a little more widely used.
  • Bartholomew – This is an old biblical name which means ‘son of Talmai’.
  • Charles – Why not take inspiration from Prince Charle himself and use this royal name.
  • Cyril – If you’re looking for a posh baby boy name then why not break the mould with this name and start bringing it back into popularity.
  • Daniel – This traditional name was loved by nobility throughout the years and means ‘God is my Judge’
  • David – Another classic name meaning ‘beloved’.
  • Dominic – This name has been around since medieval times and means ‘belonging to the lord’.
  • Edward – This posh baby boy name has been used by royals for many years and means ‘wealthy guard’.
  • Edwin – Another posh baby name that we think needs to make a comeback.
  • Ezra – Despite being short and relatively popular in current times, this is one of the grandest names and means ‘help’.
  • Fabian – This old Roman name means ‘bean seller’.
  • Francis – This posh name has been very popular throughout history and means ‘French Man’.
  • George – Why not take inspiration from Kate and Wills and choose the name they picked for their first born?
  • Gregory – This name has a long history and means ‘watchful and alert’.
  • Henry – With several royal and posh people using this name it could be perfect for your little prince.
  • Hugo – This name began popular in recent times from the extremely posh Made in Celsea program.
  • James – A classic name meaning ‘supplanter’
  • Laurent – This unusual name oozes elegance and class and is a variant of Lawrence.
  • Leonardo – Take inspiration from the classic painter for this posh baby name that could be shorten to Leo.
  • Matteo – This Italian inspired name has a classy ring to it and means ‘gift from God’.
  • Maximillian – This name has a long historical meaning and can be shorten to Max if wanted.
  • Orson – This unusual name would be a great posh name for a baby boy.
  • Pierre – Meaning ‘rock’ this posh sounding baby name always ranks high on the charts in France.
  • Roland – This dignified name means ‘famous throughout the land’.
  • Theodore – This traditional English name means ‘gift from God’.
  • Vincent – Meaning ‘conquering’ this name could be perfect for your little boy.
  • William – One of the most famous royal names and the name of Prince William, this could be a great posh name for your baby boy.

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