Ocean Names For Girls With Meanings, Pick the Girl Baby Names that mean Oceanic

Ocean Themed Unique Girl Baby Names with Meanings | New Beautiful Ocean Names For Girls

Ocean or sea names are a subset of water names. Pickthenames.com presents many fantastic baby name lists to inspire you. If you enjoyed our choices for ocean baby names for girls, you might also like ocean baby names for boys. Nature names like Ocean and River are growing trendy, particularly among nature enthusiasts and environmentally conscious parents.

There are several baby names that means water or ocean. Giving your new born girl a name that means ocean, sea, or water is a great choice because the ocean is strong, powerful, and mysterious “just like your daughter.” Pickthenames.com a lot of lovely water names for females.

Humans have a lot more in common with the oceans than we like to admit. If you’re looking for names inspired by water, the sea, or the beach, here’s a list of baby names for girls.

Ocean Names for Girl Baby with meanings:

Ocean Girl Names Origin Name Meaning
Athena Greek  Athena was the goddess who defeated the ocean god Poseidon in a contest to become the protector of Athens.
Adira Hebrew Adira means powerful, strong, and noble – terms you would generally associate with the ocean.
Almog Hebrew Meaning of the name Almog is “coral”.
Asherah Persian she who walks in the ocean. It is an apt name for baby girls born under the water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.
Avisa Sanskrit Ocean
Beryl Greek greenish or bluish crystals or jewels found in the oceans
Cari Turkish one who flows smoothly like water
Cain Welsh Meaning “clear water”
Calypso Greek An island nymph who delayed Odysseus’s return home, the name has the meaning “to cover” or “she who hides”. Calypso was also the name of Jacques Cousteau’s research ship
Ceto Greek Ceto is more specifically the goddess of sea monsters, whales and large sharks
Dipsi Bislama Ocean
Doris Greek A gift of the ocean
Firth Scottish Arm of the ocean
Ginevra Italian This girl’s name means “a white wave or shadow.”
Gali Hebrew My Wave
Harbour/Harbor Old English Meaning lodging for ships or temporary quarters for people
Isla Spanish, Scottish The name is related to the word “island”.
Jacques French Many ocean lovers endeavour to name their babies after famous ocean figures, such as Jacques Yves-Cousteau
Jennifer Cornish This popular name is the Cornish variation of Guinevere and means “a white wave.”
Kai Hawaiian “pure ocean.”
Kaimana Hawaiian Means tribute to the ocean and nature and means “power of the ocean.”
Lana Hawaiian Meaning “calm as still waters.”
Meryl English Means “sparkling water of the ocean.”
Mira Sanskrit Meaning “ocean”, with other meanings including “admirable” and “female ruler”.
Moana Maori, Polynesian, Hawaiian In many island nations, Moana means “ocean”, “wide expanse of water”, “deep sea” or similar. Moana’s popularity has soared due to the Disney film of her name – read on for more Disney inspired ocean names.
Morwenna Welsh, English In English the name means “maiden”, yet the Welsh origin points to “maid of the sea” or “waves of the sea” depending on translation.
Muirin Irish Meaning “born of the sea” and also “bright seas”.
Naiad, Naiade Ancient Greek, Latin Meaning “water nymph”.
Nami Japanese Meaning “ocean wave”, but can also mean “beautiful” and “red apple”.
Nerissa Greek Meaning “of the sea” or “sea nymph”.
Nixie/ Nix German Meaning “water nymph”, named after shape shifting water spirits in Germanic mythology. It’s said that they cannot live happily if they’re far from water, which sounds familiar to a lot of divers!
Njord Scandinavian Njord was the Norse god of the sea. The name also means “north” and holds connotations of strength and power.
Ocean/ Oceana/ Océane Varying Origins Ocean
Ondina/ Ondine Latin Meaning “little wave”.
Pearl Latin From the precious bead formed by the mollusc.
Poseida/ Poseidon Greek An Ancient Greek god of the sea, water, earthquakes, droughts, floods and horses.
Reed English Meaning “red haired”, reeds are also a common water dwelling plant.
Sailor German Meaning “boat man”.
Tasi Chamorro Ocean
Umi Japanese Ocean
Vanora Welsh “white wave.”
Kurdish Zaria is an alluring name for a girl means “ocean.”