Nordic Girl Names and Meanings, Pick Female Norse Names

The Nordic countries, or the Nordics, are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, where they are most commonly known as Norden (literally “the North”). The region includes the sovereign states of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Most of the Nordic region peoples are searching for Nordic Girl Names and Meanings/ Cute scandinavian girl names/ norwegian girl names..Girl childs are precious for every parents especially for Nordic Region Parents. They want to pick a Female Norse Names for their little princess. Some parents want to choose simple & pretty names, some peoples wants to choose cute & modern names for their Childs.

Choosing Nordic Girl Names is the one of the toughest jobs for Nordic Region People. Many of the parents want to pick the unique and modern names for their child. Because names indicates their character, individuality have listed lots of Nordic Girl Names & Meaning/ Female Viking Names..

Nordic Girl Names and Meaning/ Norse Female Names Meaning

  • Here we have listed Most Popular Nordic Girl Names
Nordic Names Meaning
Aada noble type
Aino the only one
Alma loving
Annika favour
Bergdis spirit protection
Birgit powerful
Birgitta Strength
Ebba queen of riches
Eevi living
Elea strange
Elin Light
Filippa lover/friend of horses
Inger hero’s daughter
Karin pure
Kerstin Christian woman
Linnea twinflower
Maja pearl
Margareta pearl
Mia Mine
Tyra God of battle
Ulla determination
Wilma resolute protection

Female Nord Names/ Female Nordic Names

  • These Nordic names definitely gives an idea for choosing names for your cutest girl baby
Nord Names for Girl Baby Meaning
Abellona the sun Goddess
Agneta pure or sacred
Agnetha pure or holy
Anja merciful or gracious
Annalina graceful light
Atalie pure
Carin Pure
Carita love or affection
Carola free woman
Cilla blind or ancient
Eira Merciful
Evelina light
Juni born in June
Kajsa pure
Karina pure
Katri pure
Katrin purity
Klara clear
Krista Believer
Lena tender
Lif life or to exist
Lili abundance
Lindy lime tree
Malena from the tower
Mari berry
Marna of the sea
Pernilla Rock
Rebecka to tie
Runa secret love or secret tradition
Sassa divine beauty
Selma safe or peace

Norse Names for Girls/ Old Female Norse Names           

  • This names list have full of Strong Norse Names for Girls
Norse Names Meaning
Beret bright or glorious
Gisla pledge or hostage
Gitty high or mighty
Gun fight or battle
Hedda fight or war
Helka holy or blessed
Kelda Fountain
Kindra greatest champion
Madlen a town with a tower
Magnhild Strong
Ragna warrior or goddess
Thora thunder goddess
Toril Temper
Viveka war