Names that mean Silver, Pick Girl/ Boy Baby names

When a child is born, and particularly if this is a first-born baby, your life changes forever and the family unit is “reborn” in a sense. Most of the parents wants to suits unique names for their kids. If you want to choose unique names then Names that mean Silver is the best choice.

Silver represents money and wealth. This makes a good moniker that might just attract silver and wealth for your boy throughout life.

There are names from all over the world that have a meaning that is connected to silver. Meaning that there is a huge choice for you and for many parents it will give them the opportunity to fully embrace their heritage.

Picking Boy Names that mean Silver/ Girl names that mean Silver is the tricky one. So only come up with collection of Names that mean grey or silver.

Boy Names that mean Silver/ Male Names that mean Silver

  • Akupya(Indian origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Arian(Welsh origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Anargyros(Greek origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Argento(Latin origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Argyris(Greek origin): Meaning ‘silvery’.
  • Argyro(Greek origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Argyros(Ancient Greek origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Arjuna(Hindu and Sanskrit origins): Means ‘silver’ along with ‘lightning’ and ‘white’.
  • Fashan(Indian origin): Means ‘silver; mace of iron’.
  • Fizzi(Arabic origin): Means ‘made of silver’.
  • Ginjiro(Japanese origin): Meaning ‘good silver’.
  • Rajat(Indian origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Roopal(Indian origin): Meaning ‘made of silver’.
  • Seemab(Arabic origin): Means ‘mercury, quicksilver’.
  • Silverman(Old English origin): Meaning ‘silver’ or ‘silver worker’.
  • Silverton(Old English origin): Means ‘silver’ or ‘silver town’.
  • Silvio(Italian origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Simab(Arabic origin): Means ‘mercury, quicksilver’.
  • Sippai(Israeli origin): Meaning ‘threshold silver cup’.
  • Sterling(English and German origins): Refers to pre-medieval silver refiners. Can also mean ‘pure’ or ‘of high quality’.
  • Sterlyn(English and German origins) variation of Sterling.
  • Stirling(English and German origins) variation of Sterling.
  • Zilar(Basque origin): Meaning ‘silver’.

Girl Names that mean Silver/ Female names that mean Silver

  • Arcene(French origin): Means ‘silvery’.
  • Argenta(Latin-American origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Argentia(Latin-American origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Argentina(Latin-American origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Arian(Welsh origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Ariana(Welsh origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Arianell(English origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Arianrhod(Welsh origin): Means ‘silver wheel’.
  • Arianwyn(Welsh origin): Meaning ‘woman of silver’.
  • Ariene(Irish origin): Meaning ‘silvery’.
  • Arjean(French origin): Means ‘silvery’.
  • Eirian(Welsh and Irish origins): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • EunKyung(Korean origin): Means ‘silver and grace’.
  • Fidda(Arabic origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Fizza(Arabic origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Gin(Japanese origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Gina(Japanese origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Hiriwa(New-Zealand origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Joo-Eun(Korean origin): Meaning ‘silver pearl’.
  • Jumana(Arabic origin): Means ‘silver pearl’.
  • Jumanah(Arabic origin): Meaning ‘silver pearl’.
  • Kailasa(Indian origin): Means ‘silver mountain’.
  • Ligia(Greek origin): Meaning ‘silver voice’.
  • Lujaina(Arabic origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Lujayn(Arabic origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Naja(Arabic and Navajo origins): Meaning ‘success’ or ‘silver hands’.
  • Ngaire(Hawaiian origin): Meaning ‘silver fern’.
  • Picabo(Native-American origin): Means ‘silver creek’.
  • Rajata(Indian origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Rupa(Sanskrit origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Seemeen(Arabic origin): Meaning ‘of silver’.
  • Simin(Persian origin): Meaning ‘silvery’.
  • Sooleawa(Native American origin): Means ‘silver’.
  • Srebrenka(Serbian origin): Meaning ‘silver’.
  • Tatyana(Latin origin): Means ‘silver-haired’.

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