50+ Names that Mean Rose, Pick the Names Meaning Rose for Your Child Boy & Girl

A Unique & Cool Baby Boy & Girls Names that Mean Rose Flower with Meanings

The name Rose is derived from the rose flower. It also has an Old English origin, meaning “great kind.” Rose is a Latin name that meaning “bloom of the rose.” It comes from the Latin word “rosa,” which means “flower.” It’s thought to be a Normanized version of the Germanic name Hrodohaidis, which means “famous type.”

Still on the lookout for the ideal baby names? For even more choices, check out these similar baby name lists. Different languages have a variety of names meaning wonderful rose, in this part pickthenames.com have selected some of our favorites from many civilizations with rose as a name or inspiration for you to choose from.

Boy Names that Mean Rose Flower:

  • Bellerose- meaning beautiful rose
  • Blush- meaning a flush of pink
  • Gülistan- meaning rose garden
  • Gülnur- meaning rose light
  • Gulrukh- Meaning rose faced
  • Gülten Meaning rose skin
  • Kolab- Meaning rose
  • Kulap Meaning rose
  • Mawar- Meaning rose
  • Nasrin Meaning wild rose
  • Rohesia- meaning kind as a rose
  • Ros- meaning rose
  • Rosa- meaning little rose
  • Rosabel- meaning beautiful rose
  • Rose-  meaning most popular flowers of all time
  • Roseann- meaning graceful rose and refers to God’s favour on the new-born
  • Roseia- meaning rose
  • Rosella- meaning pretty rose
  • Rosetta- meaning little rose
  • Rossie- meaning little rose
  • Rosita- meaning the queen of roses
  • Rouzia- meaning adventurous spirit and risk-taking nature
  • Roz- meaning pretty rose
  • Rozy- meaning someone as beautiful as a rose
  • Zahra- meaning Radiant; Beautiful; Fair; White
  • Sonia- meaning Beautiful; Pretty; Wise; Wisdom
  • Zaria- meaning Princess; Sunrise; Strong Women
  • Zetta- meaning Rose Blossom; Olive
  • Mariam- meaning Sea of Bitterness
  • Maryam- meaning Rebellious Woman
  • Raesha- meaning Rose

Baby Girl Names that Mean Rose:

  • Golshan- meaning rose garden
  • Golzar- meaning rose cheeked
  • Gul- meaning flower, rose
  • Kulap- meaning rose
  • Roosevelt- meaning rose field
  • Vardan- meaning rose
  • Arnit- meaning beautiful flower
  • Basilio- meaning royal bloodline of kings and queens
  • Cole- meaning prince of red roses
  • Rhodes- meaning garden of roses
  • Ross- meaning rose
  • Roswald- meaning to a field of roses
  • Roswell- meaning blossoming roses in springtime
  • Samy- meaning a rose found near caves
  • Vered- meaning rose
  • Taffy- meaning pink
  • Udayaraga- meaning the pink colour of the morning sky
  • Vered- meaning rose
  • Violetine- meaning purplish