Names that Mean King, Pick Boy Baby Names

Famous & Popular Names that mean King in english

If you are a new parent then this is the time to choose best name for your little one. Naming is one of the most difficult part in every parents life. Because everyone  wants to pick unique and modern names for their Kids. If you have any idea to choose a names that represents  power, positivity, and confidence then Names that means King is the best Choice. But Finding Names that mean King is not an easy job so only have been prepared the below list. Here we have provided names with meaning too and these names having full of positivity, royal and Strong. Check out our list now

English Names that mean King

  • Aalam – Urdu, means “king.”
  • Abban – Irish, means “little abbott.”
  • Adelio – Spanish, means “father of the little prince.”
  • Ara – Armenian, means “king.”
  • Baron – Old English, means “young warrior.” Historically a Baron lived in a castle and ruled over a plot of land under the King.
  • Basil – Greek, means “royal” or “kingly.”
  • Brennus – Celtic, means “king,” “prince,” or “raven.”
  • Cadeyrn – Welsh, means “battle king.”
  • Conrad – German, means “bold ruler.”
  • Conri – Irish Gaelic, means “wolf king.”
  • Cyril – Greek, means “lord” or “master.”
  • Darian – Persian, means “one with kingly traits.”
  • Donovan – Irish, means “chieftain” or “dark-haired leader.”
  • Delroy – French, means “of the king.”
  • Emyr – Welsh, means “king” or “lord.”
  • Eric – Scandanavian, means “eternal ruler.”
  • Frederick – German, means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Hansraj – Sanskrit, means “king of swans.”
  • Heinrich – German, means “home of the king.”
  • Idris – Greek, means “like a king.”
  • Kgosi – Tswana, means “king” or “chief.”
  • Kian – Persian, means “king” or “foundation.”
  • King – English, means king!
  • Kingsley – Old English, means “king’s meadow.”
  • Leroy – French, means “the king.”
  • Longwang – Chinese, means “dragon king.”
  • Malik – Arabic, means “king” or “sovereign.”
  • Minos – Greek, Minos was a powerful king in Greek Mythology.
  • Prince – Latin, means “chief” or “son of a king.”
  • Rana – Sanskrit, means “king.”
  • Rajan – Sanskrit, means “ruler.”
  • Rajesh – Sanskrit, means “ruler of the kings.”
  • Reagan – Irish, means “little king.”
  • Regulus – Ancient Roman, means “prince” or “lIttle king.”
  • Rey – Spanish, means “king.”
  • Rex – Latin, means “king.”
  • Rian – Irish, means, “little king.”
  • Rory – Ancient Celtic, means “red king.”
  • Roy – Old English, means “king.”
  • Rhodri – Welsh, means “wheel king.”
  • Ruaidhri – Irish, means “red king.”
  • Steven – Old English, means “garland” or “crown.”
  • Sultan – Arabic, means “ruler.”
  • Richard – German, means “powerful ruler.”
  • Sargon – Biblical Hebrew, means “king.”
  • Shahjahan – Urdu, means “king of the world.”
  • Sigourney – French, means “daring king.”
  • Vercingetorix – Ancient Celtic, means “king over warriors.” Vercingetorix led the Gauls against Julius Caesar when the Romans tried to conquer them.
  • Viceroy – Old English, means “ruler who represents the king.”
  • Vladimir – Slavic, means “renowned prince” or “universal ruler.”

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