Names that Mean Angel, Pick Boy or Girl Baby Names

Are you a new parent? then you have move on next step of parenting i.e. giving names for your baby. Most of the parents wants their child either boy or girl to fly like an angel. If you are searching Names that mean Angel then your are at the wonderful place. Angels are majestic, they fly high, and are termed as the messengers of God and it has impressive physical attributes include wearing halos and white robes and flying through the air with their pretty wings. Giving angel related name to your child is one of the best choice. Here we have collected Girl Names that means Angel/ Boy Names that mean Angel. is one of the best platform to pick best names for your child.

Names that mean Angel for Girl Baby

1. Aalyssa (Hebrew and German origin), meaning “sweet angel”. It is a traditional name that is elegant and classy. An apt angel baby name.

2. Abhinoor (Indian origin), one of the best names that mean “angel”, this is a unique name for a baby girl.

3. Agnola (Italian origin), this name means “angel”. Another variant of this name is Agnolla.

4. Annchi (Chinese origin), meaning “peace” and “angel”. The name works well as a middle name too.

5. Angelene (Greek origin), meaning “messenger of God”. A similar name that could be used is Angelea.

6. Angeni (Native American origin), meaning “spirit angel”. It is a unique name that makes a great angel baby name.

7. Ariel (Hebrew origin), meaning “lion of God” and is a biblical character. Other forms of this name are Ariella, Arielle.

8. Auriel (Latin origin), meaning “golden”.

9. Aya (Japanese origin), meaning “angel having magical powers”. It depicts joy and cheerfulness.

10. Dalili (Swahili origin), meaning “sign from Gods”. This baby name has a spiritual feel to it.

11. Devika (Sanskrit origin), meaning “like an angel”. It is a popular baby girl name in India and Sri Lanka.

12. Divine (Hebrew origin), meaning “beloved”. It is a common name for a girl and has lots of potential and warmth. A very angelic name indeed.

13. Evangelina (Greek origin), name meaning “good news”. This baby name has a feminine ring to it.

14. Erela (Hebrew Origin), name meaning “angel”. This angel name is quite unique. A good name for your baby girl.

15. Farishta (Arabic origin), name meaning “angel”. It is a commonly used name in Persian speaking countries. One of the most popular female angel names.

16. Fenal (Arabic origin), meaning “angel of beauty”. It is a rare and less common baby name.

17. Jannah (Arabic origin), meaning “heaven”. The name means heavenly and signifies the Islamic concept of paradise.

18. Lirisha (Indian origin), meaning “beautiful angel”. A popular angel name. One of the most popular girl names as well.

19. Luz (Spanish origin), meaning “light”. This name is short and original.

20. Malaika (Swahili and Arabic origin), meaning “angel or small child”. It is a variation of the word ‘malak’ that means messenger.

21. Tangie (American origin), meaning “angelic”. It works well with the names of other siblings.

22. Tien (Vietnamese origin), meaning “fairy”. It is an uncommon name that is simple and sweet.

23. Tuyen (Vietnamese origin), meaning “ray”. This is an uncommon name and works great as a middle name too

24. Uriella (Hebrew origin), meaning “God’s light”. The name has a spiritual ring to it.

25. Yael (Hebrew origin), meaning “to be blessed”. A popular angel name.

Names that mean Angel for Boy Baby

26. Abaddon (Hebrew origin), meaning “ruler of evil spirits”.

27. Agelos (Greek origin), meaning “messenger”. One of the more spiritual angels’ names for boys.

28. Agnolo (Italian origin), meaning “angel”.

29. Angelito (Spanish origin), meaning “little angel”. It is a cute name for a boy.

30. Berty (German origin), meaning “angel bright”.

31. Dangelo (Italian origin), meaning “angel messenger”. It works well as a middle name too.

32. Engel (Dutch origin), meaning “angel”.

33. Englebert (German origin), meaning “bright angel” .

34. Haniel (Hebrew origin), meaning “gift of God”. It is an angel related to Venus.

35. Imamu (Swahili origin), meaning “spiritual leader”. The name conjures greatness.

36. Ingel (German origin), meaning “angel”. Another variant of this name is Ingall.

37. Javan (Hebrew origin). He is the guardian angel of Greece and this Hebrew name is a traditional name for a boy.

39. Kemuel (Hebrew origin), meaning “helper of God”. It is the perfect name for boys and is a daring name for a baby.

40. Malak (Arabic origin), meaning “angel”. It works well as a middle name too. It is one of the boy names that work as a girl’s name too.

41. Michael (Hebrew origin), meaning “who is like God”.

42. Raphael (Hebrew and French origin), meaning “God has healed”.

43. Riyon (Indian origin), meaning “beauty of heaven”, an apt name for a baby.

44. Raziel (Hebrew origin) is an angel of mysteries.

45. Uriel (Hebrew origin) is the angel of light and is a Biblical character.

46. Zerachiel (Hebrew origin) is the angel of healing.