Names Meaning Lightning, Pick the Lightning Baby Names for Boy/ Girl

Every parents want to choose the beautiful names with depth meaning for their child. Choosing names for your baby is the one of the most difficult part. Lots of friends, relatives, colleagues are given some suggestions while finding Baby Names especially Names Meaning Lightning

Weather is a important one on our day to day life and it has huge impact on our mood. Before choose the names, you should know about the Storm or Lightning. Storm is active or present in rainy weather, and it was also known as lighting. Names that have meanings relating to the weather or even associations with the weather are a great option for a really strong baby name. From this article definitely you will get idea about Girl Names Meaning Lightning/ Male Names meaning Lightning.

Our has selection of names i.e. Names Meaning Lightning/ Lightning Names for Boy/ Boy Names meaning Lightning

Boy Names Meaning Lightning

  • Aratiri (Guarani origin): meaning “bolt of lightning”.
  • Asteropaios (Greek origin): name meaning “lightning” was an important character in the Trojan War.
  • Barachiel (Hebrew origin): meaning “lightning of God” was one of the archangels.
  • Bijuli (Nepali origin): means “electricity or lightning”
  • Beneberek :This name has Israel origins, and it means ‘sons of lightning.’
  • Barak : With Hebrew origins, it can also be spelled as Baraq. It means ‘lightning.’
  • Birusk : Kurdish in origin, and it means ‘lightning.’
  • Chaqmoq (Uzbek origin): it means a spark of “lightning”
  • Foudre: “Storm” and “lighting” are two meaningful words of the French Name Foudre.
  • Pailan (Armenian origin): means “lightning”. The Armenian people generally worshipped nature which also includes the God of Thunder.
  • Peter: “Storm” and “lighting” are two meanings of the Indonesian baby boy’s name Peter.
  • Rai (Japanese origin): name meaning “thunder or lightning” is a very common name in the Japanese naming culture
  • Vidyut (Hindu origin): means “lightning”. Vidyut Jamwal is a famous Bollywood actor
  • Yashin (Uzbek origin): it means “lightning”. Lev Yashin was a world-famous Russian goalkeeper who is the only goalie to have won the prestigious Ballon d’Or

Girl Names Meaning Lightning

  • Ashni (Sanskrit origin): name meaning “lightning” has its mentions in the Holy Vedas.
  • Astrape (Greek origin): name derived from the Greek Mythology where she was the “Goddess of lightning”.
  • Brekhna (Pashto origin): means “lightning”
  • Fulgora (Roman origin): was the Roman “Goddess of lightning”.
  • Kohara (Polynesian origin): name meaning “crash of lightning” according to Maori Mythology.
  • Rhiainfelt (Welsh origin): means “maiden of Lightning”. The name has its roots in ancient Anglo-Saxon history. Few references of this name can also be found in Native American history.
  • Saudamini (Hindu origin): name meaning “lightning” is a popular name in India.
  • Asterope: Greek name that means ‘lightning.’
  • Damini: A name that’s origin is from India, and it means ‘lightning.’
  • Seaiga: A name of African origins and means ‘thunderbolt’ or ‘lightning.’
  • Sharara: Also has African origins and means ‘spark lightning.’
  • Lyn: Lyn is a Norwegian name, which means “lightning.”