Name that means Snow, Pick Boy/ Girl Names that mean Snow

One of the most beautiful season is Winter. As the season changes to winter, the air is crisp, the temperature has dropped, and there might be some snow coming your way. Winter is part of nature and if you look closely, winter can be beautiful.

Are you searching Baby Names that means Snow/ Girl names that mean Snow/ Boy Names that mean Snow, just use this article to choose Snow Names for your child. We have listed some favorite winter baby names for your girl or boy.  The below mentioned winter baby girl names/ Winter Baby Boy Names are unique in their way and carry the snowflake-like purity in them.

If you’re expecting a baby in winter, then you might be thinking about a winter-themed name for your little one and is the best place to find awesome Winter names for your child.

Girl Names that mean Snow/ Female Names that mean Snow

  • Alba – Spanish, means “bright, white”
  • Apricity – English, means “the warmth of the sun in winter”
  • Berfin – Kurdish, means “snowdrop flower”
  • Bianca – Italian, means “white”
  • Blanca – Spanish, means “white”
  • Blanche – French, means “white”
  • Chan – Chinese, means “snow”
  • Cherith – Hebrew, means “winter stream”
  • Demetria – Greek Mythology, goddess of winter
  • Edurne – Basque, means “snow”
  • Eira – Welsh, means “snow”
  • Eirwen – Welsh, means “blessed snow” or “white snow”
  • Epiphany – Greek, means “a sudden realization” and refers to a Christian winter holiday
  • Fjolla – Kosovan, Albanian, means “fine snow” or “snowflake”
  • Flykra – German, Danish, means “snowflake”
  • Frostine – French, means “snow”
  • Guinevere – English, means “white”
  • Gwenyth – Welsh, means “white”
  • Gwyneira – Welsh, means “blessed snow” or “white snow”
  • Haukea – Hawaiian, means “white snow”
  • Haunani – Hawaiian, means “beautiful snow”
  • Icyln – English, means “ice”
  • Ivy – English, a plant associated with winter
  • Janara – Roman Mythology, feminine form of Janus, god of the snow
  • Lumi – Finnish, means “snow”
  • Miyuki – Japanese, means “deep snow, beautiful snow”
  • Natasha – Russian, means “Christmas”
  • Neus – Catalan, means “snow”
  • Neve – French, means “snow”
  • Nevis – Carribean Spanish, means “snow”
  • Nieves – Spanish, means “lady of the snow
  • Nivia – Latin origin, means “snow”
  • Noella – French, means “Christmas”
  • Noelle – French, means “Christmas”
  • Olwen – Welsh, means “white footprint”
  • Skadi – Norse Mythology, goddess of winter and of the hunt
  • Snow – English, means “snow”
  • Viola – Latin, means “winter flower”
  • Xuĕ – Chinese, means “snowfall”
  • Yukina – Japanese, means “snow”

Boy Names that mean Snow/ Male Names that mean Snow

  • Andri – Old Norse, means “snowshoe”
  • Bylur – Icelandic, means “snowstorm”
  • Dong – Chinese, means “winter”
  • Douglas – Scottish, means “Christmas tree”
  • Edur – Basque, means “snow”
  • Eirwen – Welsh, means “white as snow”
  • Eryi – English, Welsh, means “from Snowdon”
  • Fannar – Old Norse, means “snowdrift”
  • Frost – English, means “frost”
  • Kari – Turkish, means “covered with snow”
  • Lixue – Chinese, means “pretty snow”
  • Nas – Native American origin, means “snow”
  • Nicholas – Greek, Saint Nicholas inspired the story of Santa Claus
  • Quilo – Roman Mythology, refers to the North Wind
  • Rudolph – Latin, refers to the story of the “red-nosed reindeer”
  • Tuhin – Indian, means “snow”
  • Tushar – Indian, means “snow”
  • Warrin – Pitjantjatjara (Central Australian Aboriginal), means “the cold months”
  • Whittaker – Old English, means “from the white field”
  • Yukio – Japanese, means “snow”
  • Yule – Old English, means “winter solstice”
  • Zane – American, means “white as snow”

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