Mexican Girl Names, Pick Girl Baby Names

Are you finding Name for your new born baby? If you are a new parent then next step of parenting is given names for your little one. Names have a powerful impact on a person’s life. It is an identity that stays forever with them. Choosing the right name for your little bundle of joy is the most important for every parents. Many of the people want to suits the names with Family connections, beliefs, traditions, history, culture, traits, mother nature and etc. Most of the Mexican parents want to pick trendy and modern names for their Girl Baby. If you are looking for Mexican Girl Names/ Unique Mexican Girl Names then is the best place. Here many numbers of names are available for Mexican Girl Baby. While choosing the right name for your baby may take many arguments and discussions. So only our authors have been prepared the below list to ease your jobs.

Popular Mexican Girl Baby Names

  • Adonica (Latin origin) meaning “sweet”.
  • Adriana (Latin origin) meaning “tanned person from Hadria” is a name taken by Spanish actress, Adriana Ugarte.
  • Alicia (Spanish origin) meaning “noble” is considered as a variation of the name ‘Alice’.
  • Antonia (Roman origin) meaning “priceless, flourishing”.
  • Bibiana (Spanish origin) meaning “lively, full of life”.
  • Chiquita (Spanish origin) meaning “little girl”.
  • Clarisa (Spanish origin) meaning “bright and clear”.
  • Coco (Spanish origin) meaning “help”. This Mexican baby name is a Spanish short form of the name Socorro and is also an American name meaning chocolate bean.
  • Elisa/Lisa (Hebrew origin) meaning “devoted to God”.
  • Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning “my God is abundance”. It is also a popular English name usually associated with Queen Elizabeth.
  • Esmeralda (Hispanic, Portuguese, Spanish origin) meaning “green gem, emerald”.
  • Florencia (Spanish origin) meaning “blooming or flowering”. It is a female name derived from a male name Florence.
  • Francisca/Francesca (Italian origin) meaning “Frenchman”. It is a female given name derived from the male name, Franciscus.
  • leana (Greek origin) meaning “illuminating, shining light”.
  • Juana (Hebrew, Spanish origin) meaning “the Lord is gracious”. It is regularly the third top name in popular Mexican girl name lists.
  • Kemena/Keemena (Spanish origin) meaning “great strength, strong”.
  • Kesara (Spanish origin) meaning “youthful”.
  • Lia (Greek origin) meaning “bearer of good news”.
  • Mira (Latin, Slavic origin) meaning “wonder, extraordinary, peace”.
  • Neva (Spanish origin) meaning “snow”.
  • Osana (Spanish origin) meaning “health”.
  • Patricia (Latin origin) meaning “noble”. It is a female given name derived from the male name Patrick.
  • Paulita (Spanish origin) meaning “little, tiny” is a popular and beautiful name for your baby.
  • Querida (Spanish origin) meaning “beloved”.
  • Rita (Spanish origin) meaning “pearl”. It is one of the popular Mexican girl names also used as a derivative for the name Margarita.
  • Rosa (Latin origin) meaning “rose, the flower”.
  • Serene (English origin) meaning “peaceful” is one of the popular names used for baby girls.
  • Tierra (Spanish origin) meaning “earth” is also popularly known for the jeweled crown term Tiara.
  • Ula (American origin) meaning “jewel of the sea” is a popular name in Spain.
  • Veronica (Latin origin) meaning “she who brings victory”.
  • Zita (Greek origin) meaning “seeker”.

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