Lord Ganesh Names for Baby Boy, Pick Boy Baby Names

Naming a child after a Lord is common in our country.  Lord Ganesha is largely worshipped across the country. The stories of him are known by many kids and the Ganesh Chaturthi turns out to be a wonderful display of spirit and splendour in various parts of the country. Lord Ganesha is known for his knowledge and wisdom, he is generous and lovable and is the absolute destroyer of evil in the world.

If you are a devotee of Lord Ganesh and would like to name your baby boy after him, here are some options. There are awesome collection of names have been listed by pickthenames.com. Parents who want to pick Lord Ganesh Names for Boy Baby then use this below collection. Here are a few names are the names of Lord Ganesha but sound extremely modern and are well-suited for boys of today.

Lord Ganesh Names for Boy Baby

  • Aaradhya – Worshipped, blessing of Lord Ganesha
  • Aathesh – Lord Ganesh, King
  • Aayog – Having a strong bond with Lord Ganesha
  • Amod – A God that signifies pleasure
  • Amogh – Fruitful, unerring
  • Anav – The elephant-god filled with love for mankind
  • Anaye – Without a superior, another name of Lord Ganesh
  • Aneek -Someone who is filled with splendor, this name is a popular Bengali name
  • Atharva – The God who can fight against all obstacles
  • Avaneesh – Lord of the whole world, the ruler
  • Avnesha – The entire world inside a single God
  • Ayaan – The God showing the right way to live
  • Dhaarmik – Someone who is as charitable as Ganesha himself
  • Gajdant – Elephant teeth
  • Gaurik – Someone carrying the beauty of white mustard like the God himself
  • Ibhaan – The God whose face resembles an elephant
  • Kabilaan – A popular saint who worship Lord Ganesha
  • Laavin – Someone carrying the fragrance of the Lord himself
  • Parin – Another name of Lord Ganesha
  • Pradnyesh – The Lord of all wisdom and knowledge
  • Prahar – The Lord who signifies the rightful beginning
  • Prathmesh – The best of the best among all Gods
  • Riddhesh – The God who resides in the heart of all people
  • Rudraanush – A powerful name for the Lord housing pure fire
  • Rudveda – A name that recalls the power of Lord Ganesha
  • Sarvatman – Protector of the Universe
  • Shivsunu – Someone who can overcome all odds in his life
  • Shreeja – A Godly person who is creative and communicative with everyone
  • Tanush – A boy with the brilliance of a God
  • Vighnesh – A destroyer of evil, this name is popular in South India
  • Vikat – Another name for the Lord having a magnificent personality