Boy Names that mean Fire, Pick Baby Boy Names

Some mothers-to-be want nothing more than a daughter to call their own. But sons are just as wonderful, loving and sweet as little girls. Baby boys are even more adorable than you can ever imagine!

Are you looking for Boy Names that mean Fire? You are at the perfect place. The symbol of fire can also be inspiring. Fire (albeit a little dangerous) can mean light, inspiration, warmth. To some it can be wisdom or generative power of life and change.

Naming is the best part of every parent’s life. Everyone wants to suits modern and unique names for their little boy. have awesome collection of names for your boy baby. Checkout the below list and pick boy names that mean fire or flame/ baby boy names that mean fire.

Boy Names that mean Fire Or Flame

  • Aatish: Hindi, means “fire, flame”
  • Áden: Hungarian, means “little fire”
  • Adramelech: Biblical, means, “king of fire”
  • Adurnarseh: Persian, means “fire”
  • Agni: Sanskrit, means “fire”
  • Aldebrand: Ancient Germanic, means “old fire”
  • Aohd: Irish, means “fire”
  • Ahdán: Irish, means “little fire”
  • Brandr: Ancient Scandanavian, means “fire”
  • Brantley: English, means “fire”
  • Brenton: English, means “fire”
  • Cináed: Gaelic, means “born of fire”
  • Conleth: Irish, means “chaste fire”
  • Fintan: Irish, means “white fire”
  • Hakan: Native American, means “fire”
  • Ignatius: Latin, means “to set fire”
  • Joash: Biblical, means “fire of God”
  • Loki: Norse Mythology, a trickster god associated with magic and fire
  • Plamen: Bulgarians and Serbian, means “flame, fire”
  • Pyrrhus: Greek Mythology, means “flames colored, red”
  • Tanguy: Breton and French, means “fire dog”
  • Vatroslav: Croatian, means “fire glory”
  • Vulcan: Roman Mythology, Roman god of fire

Baby Boy Names that mean Fire

  • Aiden: A Celtic name meaning little fire.
  • Kai: Means fire in Scotland.
  • Uriel: A Hebrew name meaning flame.
  • Tyson: An English name that means fiery tempered.
  • Chamuel: Means heat in Hebrew.
  • Brando: An Italian name that means fiery.
  • Titus: The Latin form of Greek Titos, meaning fire or to burn.
  • Nuri: Means fire in Arabia.
  • Phlegon: In Greek mythology, Phlegon is the name of one of the horses of the noon-day sun, which means the blazing or burning one.
  • Brenton: Means fire or flame.