Water Animals Name in Hindi and English, Explore the Names

Sea Animals names in Hindi and English

Water animals names in Hindi: Are you looking for Water Animals Name in English and Hindi? An aquatic animal is any animal, invertebrate or vertebrate, that spends most or all of its existence in water. Aquatic creatures are those that dwell in either fresh or salt water. However, the word marine is most usually used for animals that dwell in saltwater, i.e. in oceans, seas, and so on. Aquatic creatures have a vital part in the ecosystem as well as in our everyday life.

The significance of aquatic creatures supply people with medicine, food, energy, shelter, and raw materials utilized in everyday life. Pickthenames.com will help you to explore the list of Aquatic/Sea/Water Animals Name in English and Hindi.

Water Animals Name in Hindi and English:

  • एनिमोन – Sea Anemone
  • ऑक्टोपस – Octopus
  • ओर्का – Orca
  • कंजूस मछली – stingray fish
  • कछुआ – Turtle
  • केकड़ा – Crab
  • केचुए – Earthworms
  • क्लाउनफ़िश – Clownfish
  • क्लैम – Clam
  • ग्रे व्हेल मछली – Gray whale
  • जल बाघ – Sea Lion
  • जलकाग – Cormorant
  • जलगाय – Manatee
  • जलव्याघ्र- Sea Lions
  • जलसाही – Sea urchins
  • जेलिफ़िश – Jellyfish
  • झींगा – Shrimp
  • झींगा मछली – Lobster
  • झींगा – Prawn
  • झींगा – Shrimp
  • डॉलफिन – Dolphin
  • तोडफिश – Toadfish
  • नक्षत्र-मछली – Starfish
  • नीली व्हेल मछली – Blue whale
  • पेंगुइन – Penguin
  • पोलीचायते – Polychaete
  • बाम मछली – Eel
  • मगरमच्छ – Alligator
  • मूंगा – Coral
  • वालरस- Walrus
  • व्हेल – Whale
  • शंख – Shells
  • शार्क – Shark
  • समुद्र खीर – Sea cucumber
  • समुद्री घोड़ा – Seahorse
  • समुद्री सांप – Sea Snake
  • सीप – Oyster
  • सील – Seal
  • सैलमन मछली – Salmon
  • स्क्विड – Squid

Sea creatures are animals that live in saline water such as the sea or ocean. Have fun while learning the names of marine creatures. Some fish are freshwater dwellers, whereas others are saltwater dwellers. Some crab and turtle varieties can also be found in the water. Some birds hunt among the aquatic species in the water. Despite the presence of other aquatic species, fish occupy the majority of the water. Some animals live in the water as well. Seals and whales are at the top of this list. We hope Pickthenames.com has guided in exploring the name you are searching, also you will have learnt the new names. Good Luck!!